Blowy and Chilly

I really didn’t want to get up! The wind was blowing, it was dark and my bed was warm. I managed to postpone the evil moment until around 05:45 but eventually gave in to drag myself out of bed.

As usual, once underway, it was much less arduous than I expected although cold and windy but at least dawn was breaking and Venus had left the horizon. I chickened out of walking along the rocks for some reason so we walked down the west side, onto the beach and down to the river which was still flooding across the beach.

It wasn’t long before we were walking across the Big Beach with most of the dogs except Charlie who I expect became distracted by the fetidness. We were walking back across the rocks when The Rug appeared, much to Isabella’s delight. From then onwards there was plenty of bounding and racing around. The Rug certainly has energy to spare.

We were back by 07:45 so I made tea, fed the cats and Elevated my mind before taking Isabella and The Rug out once more, this time with the ball. Isabella managed to control the ball constantly as Rug didn’t seem to even try to beat her to it.

I had a wash to put on for Sandra at 09:00 and she arrived on time with the usual mountain of laundry. They leave next Saturday for their trip to Iceland and will then return to Grammeno for a couple of weeks before moving on with their trip.

I had doggy dinners to prepare before my breakfast and an opportunity to sit in the sun and relax for a while. It was still windy so I thought I might wait for it to die down before going out for a bike ride.

The morning continued windy but the sun was very relaxing so I didn’t get up to very much.

It was still quite windy when I set off for a trip up Panorama which turned into a trip to the top and then round Paleochora and back. Georgia was at the camping with the electrical contractor presumably working out the details for electricity and water for the new static vans.

I processed the DDs then took Rug back to her home to discover the gate locked and no one in evidence. We came back via the beach then I took both of them for a trip around the Promontory where we met Sonja out taking a photo of the snowy mountains.

Snowy mountains

From there, it was a matter of feeding all the dogs and myself and the day was done.

Another windy day but with plenty of sunshine. Warm if out of the wind. The forecast is very January like: unsettled, rainy and cooler from the end of the week. I suspect Iceland will not be much cooler.


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