Wonderful Morning

It was a whole lot easier getting out of bed this morning. I even felt too warm during the night. There was only a slight breeze but a full moon so keeping track of the dogs was quite easy. The sky was clear so there were hordes of stars and the occasional planet too if one knew where to look.

The first walk, which never made it to Plakaki due to the inevitable river-across-the-beach problem, was without undue fuss so there were no horrid-smelling dogs as I managed to dissuade them from partaking of the fetidness.

I made tea, fed cats and performed some cerebral workouts before taking the two crazies and the ball for another walk. Today, I remembered the tasty, meaty treats which Kirsti gets from Lidl. Isabella knows all about them as she sometimes goes out with Jorma and Kirsti. Her bottom hits the ground with a thud each time she hears the sound of the wrapper.

Rug no longer bothers to try to get to the ball before Isabella but still expects a treat for being a spectator. Consequently, two sticks of meaty chew get used each outing. The two of them spent several minutes chasing each other around madly whilst I stood in the sunshine watching the spectacle.

I felt it might be a good plan to wait until later to go for a ride as it might be somewhat warmer. I dedicated a little time to taking down all of the electric fence posts and other insulators. The plastic posts were only fixed to the fence with the thinnest cable ties so the recent wind caused the ties to break and the posts to go all over the place. Skinny only needed a couple of attempts to escape to decided it wasn’t worth the bother. I mentioned that I left the field gate open all day recently and was either in the camping or out on my bike for a good part of the day. There was a similar number of dogs when I returned and Obi and Charlie could have absconded at any time during the night.

With the little jobs out of the way, I eventually had some breakfast and spent time enjoying the comfort of my chair and the warm, sunny weather.

The postman arrived carrying two POE switches from China via Hungary so it was nice to actually receive a package for myself rather than for one of the customers. I spent a little while playing with my connections so now all of the APs (WiFi Access Points) are working as are the cameras. The replacement switch is smaller so fits better into the wall box.

The sky clouded over so I rode into Paleochora to visit Petrakis for some tomatoes amongst other things. It was an easy ride as there was almost no wind.

The cats were pretending I hadn’t fed them when I got back to I gave them some croquets having given them only tinned meat before. They guzzle down the meat as if their existence depends upon it but are hungry only minutes later as it doesn’t seem to fill them up.

It was soon time to prepare the evening food so I got that on the go before using up some of the hot water with a shower. From then on, the day headed inexorably towards its familiar conclusion.

A wonderful morning becoming sunny, warm and windless. Rain in the evening…


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