Best Lasid Plans

Ha! The sound of raindrops on the metal roof as the alarm sounded so back to sleep I went. It wasn’t until much later that the rain stopped and I got up to start organising the dogs. Everything was going well until it rained again but it didn’t last long so we were out of the gate heading towards the sea by 06:45. The moon was present but then so were the clouds: the moon popped out whenever the opportunity arose.

The fetidness is disappearing rather slowly so I have to carefully marshal the dogs away from its magnetic attraction. Some sheep were around as we walked back from the river so I need to call Isabella as she wandered after The Rug who is programmed to round them up. The name ‘German Shepherd’ rather gives it away.

We completed our second tour and then back to the camping. The sky was far from clear and it was still chilly so I opted for tea and mental exercises until it was time to put on a wash for Sandra. Their second this week. My coat went in to make up the load so is looking a better colour as a result.

I fed the dogs and then myself. The forecast was for a sunny morning with the possibility of some humidity in the early afternoon. My plan was to go into Paleochora to get some cat food from Heike but she was still awaiting a delivery. I only bought eight kilos the last time as that was all she had in the sensible price range. I became involved with IT stuff and email replies so the remainder of the morning galloped by.

The sky closed over and there were spots of rain so I dashed outside to bring in my coat as it was almost dry. The wind got up and it became colder so the desire to ride my bike withered away with the threat of rain. The afternoon continued in a similar vain and it was only after I got the doggy rice on that I went out with Isabella and Rug leaving the others prisoner in the van. There was initial protest but it was cold and windy so they were in the better place.

Isabella ran after her ball and Rug barked at her or they ran around chasing each other. So long as Isabella got plenty of exercise that was the main thing.

Antonis came bearing frozen greens gathered in the mountains. He’s purchased a van as his little Suzuki which he used for his equipment is beyond economic repair even my Greek standards! I mentioned that The Rug was still with us and he said he’d try to contact her owner so he can collect her at some point. She’s no bother and pretty harmless, but his dog.

Quite warm in the middle of the day. The weekend is looking both cold and wet with a forecast minimum of 3ºC on Sunday!


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