Dental Delights

With no wind and a clear sky we bounded out of the gate for the Early Walk which was just a little later than usual. Venus was rising in the east and there was just the tiniest beginnings of dawn peeking up over the horizon.

I almost managed to steer the dogs way from the cadavre but I was not entirely successful. With the moon overhead it was relatively straightforward down to and over the rocks so progress was rapid.

The river is still too wide to cross with dry feet so we had our biscuits before returning the way we’d come. I thought I had things under control however found myself with a shortage of small dogs. They soon appeared when summoned with Luis bringing up the rear.

It was getting light as seven was approaching so we headed back with all speed to tea and cat-feeding. I had a little IT task to perform before departing on the Isabella/Rug circuit of the Promontory. As expected, Isabella didn’t find her ball so we had a great deal of chasing each other about as compensation. The dogs were doing the chasing, I just dealt with the walking.

I had some Banana Bread to manufacture after I’d fed the dogs but managed to get it underway by ten. I ate some breakfast and then turned my attention to finishing the camping year-end which Georgia is keen to receive. It’s ready for her now with pretty spreadsheets to look at.

The sky was cloudy as I cycled into Paleochora for my dental appointment. I sat down in the chair at 13:50 and left it again at 15:15 after a full-face x-ray, impressions and preparation of the two teeth either side of the bridge. There was only discomfort involved but I wasn’t sorry when it was over and went to Petrakis to recover. The ride back was against the wind which added to my joy.

Kirsti took Isabella out soon after I was back which saved me going out – a real bonus. I got on with preparing food so the dogs were fed and done with by five-thirty. I’ve just put my food into the pot so my teeth should hopefully have woken up by the time it’s ready. There’s no pain just the feeling that someone’s been drilling my teeth.

Luca and Mirya back in Switzerland complete with their Grammeno cat. There appear to be mountains and snow which is very strange for Switzerland at this time of year!

The early morning was splendid which gave way to plenty of sunshine until the afternoon when it clouded over. The forecast is unstable and wet until Sunday when we are likely to see the sun again. The following week is predicted to be cool with some rainy spells.


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