Take Two

The evening was not particularly comfortable on the tooth front but I managed to eat without too much trouble. I was glad to get to bed and wasn’t long going to sleep. My slumbers were interrupted only by the sound of rain at some point during the darkness.

The forecast proved incorrect as it wasn’t raining during the time of the Early Walk. I would like to say it was skill but it started to rain heavily just after I came back from feeding the cats. This meant no additional walk for The Rug and Isabella as it was nine before the rain stopped. At which point, I released and fed all the dogs and then myself.

Soon after, the sun chose to shine which was a welcome surprise: I could have used electricity to heat the evening before after all. I was waiting for the forecast extended sunny interval before going for a bike ride. I needed to make up for not doing a lot a couple of days previously.

I’d made it halfway to Paleochora when I received a phone call from Maria telling me the ACS courier was waiting with some packages outside the office. I turned my bike around, engaged hyperdrive, and rode back in a much shorter time than on the outward trip. The courier was waiting patiently. We’ve been good to the ACS couriers so I feel they’re prepared to go the extra mile when needed. I gave one package each to Sandra and Sonja then set off again to complete my ride to Paleochora.

I went up over Panorama but decided not to go to the top as there were a lot of clouds lurking in the mountains. I dropped Martha’s Pyrex into Manolis who was taking a fuel delivery. The expected cool weather has increased demand for heating oil.

My next stop was The Local Pet Shop where I spent some time stroking Heike’s pussy. He’s looking much better so less moth-eaten than my previous visit. Heike rewarded my pussy-stroking by giving me about 2kg of lemons. She offered me a recipe for lemon curd! I manage to use lots of lemons so I’m sure I’ll get through them before too long.

There were no puppies at the PAWS area so I continued on westwards. I decided I’d pop back up Panorama and found myself at the top of the mountain admiring the view. From there it’s a short hop of only 7km back to Grammeno where I found Jorma with a shower door outside his van. He’d fixed the lock which has been seized for years. I tried to free it ages ago but didn’t have the screw bits to remove the screws. No one else was interested in fixing it and I lost interest since I’ve been using the converted cubicles.

I chatted to Kirsti a while then fed the cats before rejoining the dogs. There was a little more sun followed by some rain so I decided a little nap was in order as a sort of mini-hibernation after my rigorous bike ride.

The sky brightened up after I prepared the evening’s food so I put the others in and took Rug and Isabella for an express circuit of the Promontory. A worthwhile investment for a calm evening with Isabella. She simply falls asleep until morning.

It’s now dark, my food is in the pot and Isabella is scratching the door to come in. The others are all inside with me except The Rug who is with Isabella. More rain is expected to add to the 11.4mm fallen so far today. Tomorrow will be mild with showers becoming cooler in the evening. Sunday should be sunny and dry but cold.

Mild and sunny but with some heavy showers

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