Two’s Company

Russian Roulette with the weather again. In hindsight, we should have gone much earlier as it was drier. The First Walk was curtailed due to approaching clouds and large raindrops falling. As luck would have it, no sooner had we returned to the van the rain stopped falling. The dogs were in and I’d made tea and fed the cats so there we stayed. I used the time to do my stuff in the hope the rain might stay away a little later.

I took The Rug and Isabella out around eight to finish off the earlier walk as we’d only been once around the Promontory followed by a quick nip to the river and then home. It was windy and, to my mind, cold however this didn’t deter Isabella from taking a dip from the Small Beach after a large floating object I threw into the water to see how she’d behave. We didn’t waste too much time as I could see more weather appearing from the northwest but we made it over the rocks and back without a drenching.

I wandered the camping to reset the power to the Lamp pole and see that the boiler hadn’t had a touch of the vapours. There were a number of lakes in the normal places. The ground is saturated so the water simply runs off and heads for the sea by the most direct route. Several punters had emerged from hibernation including the ladies who were getting a lift to the bus station. They had to move their van first so we fitted this in between the showers. It is now parked opposite the collapsed shading under the opposite one.

There were some sunny intervals but the day has been a succession of showers. I had doggy dinners to put together and then process however the desire to get on with the processing eluded me. I spent time fiddling with CCTV cameras, particularly the one at reception which went off a couple of days ago but has now rejoined the party.

I fiddled around with my camping spreadsheet generally tinkering with its functionality. Definitely an evolution rather than a revolution. I fitted in a couple of wanders around the camping between the showers. I wanted to go out on my bike however I wasn’t up for getting soaked in the process so frequent were the showers.

During a later wander I discovered the boiler had taken a turn so I reset that after a trip to the office to collect some printing. Water had got down the chimney causing it to go into error state. There must be a better a better design of chimney to improve reliability.

I bumped into Anka accompanied by her friend Laura and her dog. They were about to go out so she suggested I might bring the Rug and Isabella to join in. I felt that three might be a problem but it took us a while to catch up although, interestingly, The Rug caught them up and then came back to me. Later, we were all together however Laura’s dog is quite young and found the combination overpowering. I put Rug on the lead so that the two younger dogs could play nicely together. We were soon joined by a smaller male who was delighted to have found three females. His owner eventually appeared to try to reclaim his dog. We returned to the camping as it was cold and windy with more rain on the horizon.

I got on with feeding the dogs so now the day is at an end other than some food for me once it’s ready.

Mild and wet with a succession of sometimes heavy showers between sunny intervals. Tomorrow should be dry but a lot cooler with the threat of 1ºC on Monday and Tuesday! The coldest I’ve recorded so far is 3ºC
The sand has been eroded by the sea and the wind leaving the rocks naked


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