I watched the 2019 rendition of Midway where there was plenty of action at Pearl Harbour, The Coral Sea and finally Midway. The film was long at over 2 hours but there was little chance of falling asleep.

The night was chilly so I resorted to duvet plus two blankets so was warm enough in my pit. It was 7ºC outside at 05:45 so I wasn’t rushing out of bed. I got dressed in double-quick time so that we could get underway with the minimum of delay.

There was no wind but it was chilly so I strode on to keep warm if nothing else. It was no time before we reached the river and returned to the Promontory and then the van. All by seven! I fed the cats just as the rain started to fall then used the remaining time to drink tea and exercise my brain before taking The Crazies out for their walk. The dogs were disappointed by the removal of the corpse so spent time looking around for it to no avail.

I fed the dogs and managed to remain outside until I’d had some breakfast and another cup of tea. There was no rain but it was overcast and cold so I retired inside and put the heating on. There I stayed until I received a call from the UPS courier waiting at reception with my package from SportDog. The Dutch couple were leaving at that point so I was able to wish them well for the remainder of their trip.

I stopped off at the office to restart the CCTV recorder as the reception camera had stopped working again. It seems a little temperamental at times. I scanned a statement and sent it to Maria and Georgia, turfed out the millions of cats which had come to join me and returned to the van.

Later, the sun came out and there appeared to be fewer rain clouds so I dashed into Petrakis to get food for myself and for the Doggy Dinners tomorrow. Then it was a rapid ride back as there were a few raindrops and it was very cold.

I’d looked at the SportDog package briefly examining the two flashing lights which I think will be great so will be tried out tomorrow morning. Later, I checked out the transmitter but discovered it has no tone or vibrate mode, just straight into stimulate. The dogs are trained to respond to the vibrate and only after no timely response or attempts to comply do I follow up with stimulation. I’ll contact SportDog tomorrow to see if I can exchange the remote for a different model.

I took the two out for another walk whilst the doggy food was cooking. We found a couple out walking and a teenage girl who was delighted to make acquaintance with Isabella.

Tomorrow threatens to be a repeat of today however the forecast for the latter part of the week seems to promise sunnier weather. That said, there was sufficient sunshine to produce nearly 4kWh or electricity so the battery is at 96%. Some of that will be burned off this evening.

We’re now down to five vans and seven punters until the ladies return from Iceland or someone else arrives. Hardly surprising as the weather is so cold. I managed to fit in some support cases for Inter Sport too!

Cool but sunny after some dampness early on. The wind has now joined in.


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