Cold, Wet and Windy!

The rain started at 22:00 and continued on and off all night. It was still going at 08:00 but at that time I decided I didn’t want to stay in bed any longer or I might take root! The dogs went outside for a quick wee and I’d hoped to get out for a walk but that was not to be until sometime later.

We sat inside until the rain eventually relented and there was some sunshine to make things a little warmer. We only went out around the Promontory once and that was enough. The sun was quite warm but the wind was biting as the rain and sleet drove horizontally into our faces. In the lee of some tall shrubs Isabella and The Rug had a barking contest with the others looking on. We then called it a day and hastened back to the camping for some breakfast and to shelter in the van away from the wind and rain.

There we stayed for most of the day with the fan heater on to keep warm. The sun produced almost 7kWh of electricity however we used more than this with the fan heater! It’s still churning away but the next few days are forecast to be sunny so there should be plenty of opportunity to charge the battery.

The weather has been appalling in most of Greece although I can recollect seeing snow much lower on the mountains than at present and the coldest temperature today has been no lower than last winter although it feels much cooler due to the biting wind. The forecast is a little warmer tomorrow with less wind and plenty of sunshine. Temperatures are due to be back to double-figures from Thursday onwards.

I’m surrounded by sleeping but under-exercised dogs.

Cold, wet and windy but still not quite as cold as last year.

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