The Rug Departs (for now)

A wonderful silence indicated the wind had disappeared overnight which was a huge bonus. I let the dogs out onto the decking area where The Rug was waiting. It wasn’t warm out there but she didn’t seem to care much. I got dressed quickly then harnessed the dogs with Isabella trying out her new locator beacon.

A brisk walk to the end of the Promontory under a starry and reasonably moonlit sky. The moon is getting on a little now so will soon be joining Venus near to the horizon.

The river was still flowing as before which is hardly surprising after all the recent rain. We walked back and completed our second tour and to the van for a rest for the dogs and for me to feed the cats which were starving as usual making a horrible din, as usual.

I Elevated and Balanced my mind before taking Isabella and The Rug for a second equally brisk trip around the Promontory. By this time, the sun was up and contributing some warmth at least. There was a little more of a breeze by now but in the lee it was pleasantly warm.

Back at the factory, I fed the dogs and then made some Banana Bread which I had in the oven before ten. I then fed myself with a second cup of tea and some banana bread with sliced orange. There was a banana but I was distracted so it will get eaten this evening.

Kirsti came to tell me they changed their gas the previous evening and they would be going to Kantanos to the KEP and then on to Lidl in Platanias. Kirsti had phoned earlier but received no answer from the KEP.

I seem to have lost parts of the morning doing things which were lower in the list than those I should have been doing. Procrastinate now!

Kirsti returned to inform me that they’d enjoyed a jolly trip to Kantanos, the KEP was closed and there was snow. They decided to come back and attempt both the KEP and Lidl the following day. Kirsti said she’d take Isabella for a walk later.

I was wandering down the camping having put Anke’s washing on when I encountered The Rug’s owner asking if still had her. I returned her to him and he disappeared towards the beach with her. I wonder how long before we see her again.

I boldly went for a shower as the sun had heated the water nicely. Anke had some washing in the machine which I returned to her then I went off to ride my bike.

The air was cold, 9ºC according to my bike thermometer but the day was clear and the sun was shining. I went over Panorama then round Paleochora with no stops. I didn’t have any bags on the bike and didn’t really need anything from Petrakis.

The remainder of the day included preparing food for the evening then feeding the dogs. We’re now inside with Isabella cooking gently in front of the fan heater. Skinny monopolised the bench seat leaving the floor as her only viable option as I’d previously ejected her from my seat.

The day was cool but still and sunny so the panels produced 11.64kWh of energy which is a good thing considering how much the fan was running the day before. The battery is around 85% full but tomorrow will be another sunny day.

A much more pleasant day than yesterday with plenty of sunshine and no wind

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