Rock Fall

Fido decided it was warm enough to go for a wee around three however he came back pretty promptly. It was warmer this morning when we went on our walk as there was only a slight breeze and that was at the end of the Promontory.

Isabella had her flashing beacon on but Skinny needed a recharge on his collar. I’ll put the other beacon light on him tomorrow so we’ll have port and starboard. Otherwise, we went to the river past an Italian camper van parked in the beach car park and a Swiss van parked alongside the beach on the way to Plakaki.

Venus at dawn

I looked carefully at the river as I rode past on my way to Petrakis and concluded that it may be a while before we’re able to cross and continue to Plakaki. More rain is forecast for this weekend.

I spent most of the morning fiddling around at HMRC online as it’s that time of the year. I wandered to the office and back and admired the washing I’d put on the line earlier. Clean sheets tonight!

A large rock has fallen onto the road on the corner where the stabilisation work was carried out. The Giant Toothpick was trying to reduce the size of the rock which now blocks much of the westbound carriageway. Anything under the rock would have had no chance considering the dimensions of it.

Big rock! Would definitely ruin your day!
Blocked Road (looking east)

Upon my return from Darkest Paleochora, I prepared food before taking Isabella and her ball for a quick trot around The Promontory. It was sunny and I almost felt warm!

Snow on the taller mountains. Much of the lower snow has disappeared although there was plenty on the way to Platanias according to Kirsti
Significantly warmer with sun for nearly all of the day. It was very pleasant sitting in the sun in my chair. 8.91kWh worth of PV!

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