I was in bed by nine-thirty and asleep not long after – clean sheets and all!

There was no wind first thing and it wasn’t that cold as I put my gloves on only on the walk up to the river. The moon has only a few days to go but still makes its contribution although some auxiliary illumination is needed to cross the rocks at a good pace. Dawn is coming slightly earlier each day but the difference isn’t that noticeable as yet.

There were no surprises this morning. Skinny had his very bright, green locator beacon which is visible from far away. Isabella’s red beacon is less strident but still visible from a long way off. Charlie had the Skinny flashing collar and Oskar his intermittently flashing collar.

We came back to the usual round of cat-feeding, brain exercising and a walk for Isabella and her ball. There were DDs to get going so that was completed after the dogs were fed. Kirsti had two washes but I don’t have too many unnecessary trips to the machine thanks to LaundryCam. I can see where the machine is in the program and how many minutes are remaining from the countdown display.

I had more amusement on the HMRC site and there is just one more visit required to get everything up-to-date. People who took CoVID grants are having to pay back the tax this time around which is probably an unwelcome surprise. Added to that the proposed increase in NI contributions, increased fuel prices and inflation, people must be struggling.

The morning passed quickly as it was sunny and warm. I received a telephone call postponing my dental appointment until Tuesday 15:30 as my bridge was coming on the bus which wasn’t running.

Kirsti took Isabella out for a walk and I went for a ride up the mountain which culminated in a visit to Petrakis as it’s probably going to be raining tomorrow and Sunday when they’re closed anyway.

I stopped off at the fallen rock to take some more photos and take a closer look as there was no work going on there today just a line of cones to discourage drivers from colliding with the mess.

It would appear that the rock fall resulted from a slippage. The fall fencing had no chance of arresting its descent due to the rock’s size and weight. It’s likely the fall fence played some part in reducing the impact as it landed. I suspect the only effective way to stabilise that area of cliff is by removing any loose material and rock then reinstating the fall fencing. More possibilities for further inconvenience to road users and destruction of the road surface during the works. More joy! Whatever happened to ’do it once and do it right’? But this is Greece…

I said it was big! As the bishop…
Previous location of fallen rock and soil
The road sign is probably 2m tall giving scale to the rock
Any passing vehicle impacted by the fall would have had no chance

I unpacked the shopping, processed the DDs and prepared rice for the dogs and food for me. There was an email from Marion who took Malloy, AKA Benny and Minnie. Their older dog is unwell and thirteen years old. They may bring Minnie and Malloy to see their siblings on a visit to Crete when Caro is no longer with them.

Sunny warm and windless. Significant rain forecast for Saturday and a little on Sunday


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