Lazy Moon

Fido needed a wee just before two but he was very quick so I was back in bed and asleep again before I knew it. The next stop was the alarm clock and the Early Walk. Mindful of the weather I felt it a good idea to get on with things which turned out to be the right decision as we got only a little wet.

There was a lazy moon as we walked towards the beach. reclining on its back quite low in the sky. Not that it was visible for very long as it was soon obscured by clouds as was much of the remainder of the sky. It was very dark due to the clouds so I was unable to see which way they were travelling to keep an eye on the weather. I knew there was rain about but unsure as to when it might appear.

The river was still running well so we started to walk back towards the Promontory when it started to rain. It was still dark so looking skywards was of little benefit so we continued. The intensity of the rain increased so we cut short the section over the rocks and started to make tracks back towards the camping. Naturally, having started this direction, the rain relented so I left the dogs sniffing around on the beach for a little while and then we went back.

As it turned out, I was feeding the cats when the proper rain began at which point I abandoned the idea of taking Isabella on her own and sat down to sort out my brain until it stopped – the rain, not the brain. Isabella got her walk although I was keeping a close eye on the sky following the rapidly moving clouds. I took my chance and rode up the mountain via Panorama, round Paleochora then back to Grammeno. There was even some sunshine for a little while.

Manolis had asked me to pop in to see them as he’s moved from his clockwork telephone to Litsa’s old smartphone. A giant leap forward! Manolis wanted to view their CCTV camera on his phone and my phone was used to install their camera for reasons too long and boring to bother with. Inevitably, there were other things but I came away with yet more lemons so am now excessively lemoned-out.

I fed the dogs and was just starting my rather belated breakfast when I received a call from reception marking the arrival of a Swiss cycling couple who wish to stay for a day or two. Apparently, they met some of the other cyclists who suggested they might come here in the event of unfavourable weather. I put them in Z6 then continued with my breakfast.

There was a little sunshine amounting to an amazing 1.37kWh which is not much but quite good considering how little sunshine there was. The day was consumed with small tasks and a trip to reception to fiddle with the POE switch and take back the keys for the other cabins. There was some heavy rain for a few minutes but I suspect most of it will arrive later. There might be the occasional rumble of thunder but much of it appears quite distant.

A mild and cloudy start with some rain early. Overcast and showery in the afternoon.


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