Showery Sunday

Even the green bits are now red but Gavdos is stil yellow.

Rain fell in the night and early morning. The score for Saturday was 13.6mm, about what was forecast. The alarm sounded at 05:15 but there appeared to be no doggy activity so I waited to see if any would materialise. There was none until about six when we got up and went out. Rain started to fall just as we were about to leave but it was not heavy. There was light rain for significant parts of the walk which dampened rather than soaked. There was more light as we were out earlier so I could almost see the dogs as we walked towards the river.

The moon appeared very briefly in a gap in the clouds. Stars there may have been but visible they were not. The sea was being pushed from the southeast so we turned back as waves were breaking over the rocks and bound to make the causeway difficult. Skinny and Isabella were hesitant which made a change. On the return trip all but Luis managed to cross the causeway as he and Charlie turned back when a big wave crashed against the rocks. Charlie picked up and kept going however Luis eventually turned back over the rocks and met us on the other side. Lateral thinking on his part.

The rain became slightly more intense so I quickened the pace as we walked back towards the field. They got the message so kept together and only required a quick rub over with a towel before being let inside. I sat outside with Isabella as the rain fell outside. Any plans for taking Isabella for a second walk or riding my bike vapourised.

The rain stopped just after nine so I fed the dogs and myself. There was a little sunshine which was very pleasant for a short while until the next downpour. The recurrent theme of the day was rain and grey.

The Italian couple whose van was parked by Alonáki Beach as we walked back towards the Promontory, called to ask if they could come for a shower. They arrived shortly after so I took them on a trip around the camping to show them the sights. They played with the cats and were interested that I have seven dogs. Indeed, they recently adopted a wonderful dog on their way through Croatia. The dog slept under their van and followed them everywhere. They left without him but turned back and picked him up so he’s now part of the family so was waiting patiently in their camper. Apparently, he’s very fond of chasing cats. The couple showered and then left for their next stop which may have been Gialiskari as the want to visit Lissos which is perfectly doable from there.

I swapped over the reception camera as the 8MP one seemed to spend more of its life offline than on. More tests are required to find out why that 8MP doesn’t work properly with the Dahua NVR. I performed this and other tasks in the rain which had also caused the boiler to malfunction. This I reset a couple of times although I guess there’s not much of a rush for the showers when it’s wet.

Kirsti took Isabella for a short walk curtailed due to another shower. I finished my business with HMRC and then took Isabella out with her ball. There was a very lazy dog walker who drove his 4×4 onto the Promontory so that the dog could run. I’ve see tyre tracks on a number of occasions. Good that the dog is being exercised but the owner is probably fat and lazy through want of it.

It’s scary that it’s not rained for more than an hour but it should now remain dry until tomorrow evening. The weather remains unsettled for a few days. It will be interesting to see what the cyclists decided to do. They were in front of the fire when I was showing round the Italians.

7.1mm which is slightly more than the 1.7mm forecast. Perhaps the numbers were inadvertently inverted…


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