Bridge on Friday

There was no doggy activity until 05:30 whereupon I dragged myself out of my pit and prepared them for action. Then it rained a little and also quite hard. We were all set to go so, having rummaged through all the stuff from the kitchen unit to find the doggy controllers, we left.

The sky was very dark due to cloud but there was some light to the east with Venus rising, quite high today as we were out later. There was a southerly wind so we avoided the rocks as the sea was breaking over into the lagoon. We were soon at the river across the beach which I reckon is now around 10-12m wide and running fast. So far today, there has been little rain although the sky has looked fierce on several occasions. Significant rain is forecast in the night and tomorrow so we’ll see what transpires.

After feeding the cats, I took Isabella and her ball for a walk keeping a close eye on the sky. Not close enough as it started to rain whilst we were still out so a little running back to base was in order. The rain continued for a little while but amounted to only 0.3mm totalling 0.5mm since midnight. I balanced my mind and exercised my brain until it was around nine when I let the dogs out and fed them.

I had banana bread to make which I did before eating breakfast. There was even a little sunshine which I enjoyed whilst dealing with a couple of IT tasks for Inter Sport and EG. Later, Maria called to say the ACS courier was waiting in his van at reception with a parcel for me. It was the long-awaited Baerskin hoodie which I ordered at the beginning of December. In fact, I made two separate orders but cancelled one as it seemed to take forever to process the order and receive shipping information. The hoody is pretty good but I’ll know more once it’s been in the washing machine and had a little more wear. I was wearing it as I rode into the dentist.

My rescheduled dental appointment was at 15:30 but I wanted to check so went in at 14:30 just to be sure. There was another victim so I rode my bike around and went shopping until 15:15 when I came back and cluttered up the waiting room. The dentist was running a little late and wasn’t helped by me as he had difficulty removing the temporary crowns which he was doing using the dental equivalent of a reversing hammer (slide hammer). He gave up on one of the temporaries and removed it in two parts. The aim of this operation was to fit the bridge metalwork before it gets its porcelain coating which should be completed for my next appointment at 16:00 on Friday! Without the porcelain, I’d have teeth a little like Jaws in the Bond films.

I rode back to put on the doggy rice and prepare food for myself. Isabella was bursting with energy so I took her for a run on the Promontory before feeding time.

A message popped up in the Google Business messaging service. I was surprised to see that it was answered almost immediately by Georgia. The message was in Greek concerning a booking for the summer. She’s not every bothered to answer any of the other messages in English for some reason.

Showers early but some sunshine and threats of showers during the day. Rain is forecast during the night and early morning
Summary for January 2022 – Still quite wet but 114mm less wet than December and about average for January


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