Yucky Day

Rain pattered on the roof during the night so I spent some time exploring the weather forecasts and maps before arising at 05:30 to organise myself and then the dogs. We were out the gate around 05:50 for a somewhat shorter walk than usual although we did manage to cross the rocks with some careful timing. No dogs were lost!

As we headed north towards Alonaki Beach, rain began to fall and I suspected I could hear approaching rain on the plastic of the greenhouses. We moved quickly to the largest cave where we sheltered for the duration of a very heavy shower which amounted to some 4mm of rain. This turned the track by the beach into a river which flowed into the beach car park and then into the sea carving a passage for itself in the sand.

We made it only as far as the first river which was too wide to cross so I headed up to the track to cross the bridge. The track was awash with flowing water so I felt it better to abandon the northerly trajectory and return to the Promontory where it is more sheltered anyway.

We made it round once more but it was windy and I could see clouds gathering so called it a day and pointed the dogs back towards the camping. So large was the puddle in the car park and so wide was the stream flowing down the track that I had to walk up to the new building entrance to find a place where I could cross without paddling. Then there was the matter of navigating the field which also had water flowing through it. I think the ground has absorbed as much water as it’s able so it just turns into a stream when more rain falls.

I dried the dogs, fed the cats, made tea and sat outside with Isabella whilst I exercised my head. Later, Isabella, her ball and I went for a walk up the Promontory right to the end and back. This was followed with a walk up Alonáki Beach as far as the second river which was flowing very well indeed.

River looking northwest up the valley
Stormy sky looking south. I didn’t wait too long to see if it might rain.

Isabella and I met Jorma and Siiri although Isabella required some prompting before she recognised him at a distance. We walked together for a little while with Jorma throwing Isabella’s ball when he was able to wrest it from her jaws. Siiria and Jorma took their time so we hastened back to the camping via Grammeno Beach to check that the boiler was working and most of the electrical circuits functioning.

I fed the dogs, prepared the Doggy Dinners which fortunately I’d bought in advance suspecting adverse weather. I then fed myself and stayed outside for a little while. It soon became too cold once the rain started again so we retired within and ran the fan heater to raise the temperature from 13ºC to 19ºC, slightly more comfortable.

And there we stayed. I received a phone call from the ACS courier asking if I was at the camping saying he’d be there in around one minute. I walked to reception and waited until I received the next call to tell me he was waiting outside Paleochora Camping. Reading the address label might have helped assuming the package has not been readdressed. He said he might try to bring it on Friday. It’s only brake pads for Christian’s Toyota Land Cruiser which he’s not using as he’s staying at CBV with his missus.

I returned to the van where it was much warmer than the office. I lit the gas stove to keep warm as I can’t be sure of enough sunshine for a complete recharge tomorrow. The gas heater provides good background heat and is quieter than the fan heater if the circulation fan is not used.

I processed the DD’s then took Isabella for a quick dash across Grammeno Beach and part way up the Promontory. We just about achieved this between showers. The wind is now from the northwest but the sea is still coming from the south. This causes the waves to be whipped up as the rollers come in. Sand is being blown along the beach and the floodwater is taking the beach into the sea. The weather is not typically Mediterranean today.

I fed the dogs having already done the cats who were only just hanging on by a thread. I gave them a good quantity of food as it’s cold, wet and windy so not very pussy weather. They mostly mooch around the storeroom, under Jorma and Kirsti’s van or the caravan. They venture out if I go to the loo so that they can then parade along the transparent roof creating a magic show against the light.

We are now inside the van, the dogs happily sleeping off their dinners. Isabella is taking up the remainder of the rear bench seat which I’m not occupying. Charlie has the side bench to himself whereas Skinny is [reluctantly] sharing with Oskar. The Brown Dogs are on the floor however Obi wishes he wasn’t so is awaiting an opportunity to reclaim a more favourable position on one of the seats.

To say the weather was sub-optimal and un-Mediterranean would be an understatement. We have a couple of days like this each year so hopefully this is one of them.


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