New Choppers

Isabella requested to go out at 03:15 as her little fiend had decided to join us for a sleepover. I had to go to the gate to let her in whereupon she settled down on the blankets on the decking until morning.

It was raining at 05:15 so I went back to sleep. It was still raining at 06:00 but appeared to be stopping so I let the dogs out and started to get out of bed. Moments later, the rain began but harder so I went back to bed until 07:00 when it finally stopped(ish).

The sun was rising as we joined the beach track and headed towards the Promontory where we crossed the rocks before setting off for the river. The earlier rain was not as hard as the previous day’s 24mm however things were wet enough.

Jorma and Siiri were on Alonáki Beach so they soon found themselves surrounded by eight dogs especially once Jorma started handing out meaty treats. Siiri wasn’t too impressed by the mob so set herself apart with Luis as inquisitive company. The dogs lost interest in Jorma and Siiri once the treats ran out so we carried on.

The river where it joins the sea. Not easily crossed without waders.

The assembled masses came for their biscuits before walking back towards the Promontory via Grammeno Beach. There was plenty of playful activity between Isabella and The Rug which took some of the heat from the others. We recrossed the rocks and returned to the camping where I fed the cats before setting off once more with Isabella and her little fiend. As we crossed the field, The Ruggy owner pulled up in his little white Suzuki to reclaim his dog. He was very efficient this morning. Isabella and I continued alone. He tells me she jumps over the fence. Now there’s a thing!

We continued our walk just the two of us with Isabella chasing her ball. The wind was less strong and the sun was shining making life more pleasant than the past couple of days, especially yesterday.

I released all of the dogs and then fed them before feeding myself and making some tea. The sun became warmer so I relaxed in my chair enjoying the moment. A phone call from the ACS courier who was parked opposite the entrance alerted me to his arrival. The package had been wrongly addressed when forwarded from DHL to ACS however Grammeno Camping was still visible under the redirect label.

I took the disk pads next door to CBV and had a tour of the villa which was very nice. They are not really optimised for winter occupation and there was water soaking down the landing wall from the flat roof and driving rain was pushing water under the bedroom window. I feel that €1,800 is quite a lot as it doesn’t include fuel for the pellet stove or electricity. Also, the private pool is unavailable. The views are very attractive, the grounds are pleasant and the general standard is high. I noticed I’d been joined by a couple of the Grammeno cats as I was leaving. Apparently, there are a couple of regular visitors.

I put some washing on for Anke before taking a shower and leaving for the dentist via Petrakis. The water in the shower had heated up nicely in the morning’s sunshine. My battery is fully charged so I could have used more electricity for heating yesterday.

The previous victim was just leaving as I arrived at the dentist so I was sitting in the chair ten minutes before my appointment and out the door twenty minutes later. I exchanged €750 for the new bridge which should hopefully see me out.

The ride back to Grammeno was relatively quick and painless. I notice that signs and bollards have been installed to encourage drivers not to drive into the huge boulder by the bends. I have a feeling the remedial work may take a while.

A potential customer’s van was stuck in front of the entrance barrier which annoyed me. The lone woman had wandered down the camping to check it out and was talking to some of the other inmates when I arrived. I showed her the facilities which she said she didn’t need as it was only really the WiFi which interested her. She went away to think about it and so I never saw her again. I consoled myself by taking Anke’s second load from the machine and putting in another which I suspect will probably take forever to wash.

The dogs are fed, my food is in the pot but I need to check the fuses as the lights along the entrance road are not working. If I turn off many more fuses in that box there will soon be nothing connected!

A mouse is chomping at the Cretan Rusk which has been dedicated as mouse fodder. I keep catching them and relocating them but there appears to be an inexhaustible number.

Rain early but clearing to produce a mostly sunny and warmer day. The wind moderated and it is now almost still.


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