I lingered a little but the activity nearby indicated a desire to get out to go for a walk. I dressed quickly and saddled the dogs so we could get underway and out of the gate.

The sky was clear and Venus was well on the way. Still no sign of dawn, I think she must be on holiday. Can’t say I blame her. There was little wind and we were soon crossing the rocks and heading back towards the beach for the walk to the river. I think We’ve forgotten where Plakaki is and there was little chance of getting there with dry feet unless via the road bridge. An interesting option but not a practical one.

It was starting to get light when we arrived back at the Promontory so I was able to turn off some of the flashing lights. The button on the locator beacons is waterproof so very stiff to operate. To switch on, it’s necessary to press and hold the button for two seconds whereas to turn off, it’s a matter of holding it in and not letting go until the light goes out. With a wriggling dog attached, that’s not always easy.

We climbed to the highest point on the rocks for more biscuits then crossed over to the other side and back to the camping. It was just before seven when I put the dogs in and the kettle on. Much nearby noise indicated about two thousand cats ready for some food. Unless you’ve been here, it’s difficult to imagine the combined noise. I feed the compound cats first then the masses in the storeroom. The morning is usually more genteel than later in the day as they are not necessarily all present.

I had time for some brain training and meditation before taking Isabella and her ball out for a little while. We met Jorma on the way back so Isabella was able to show off her superior ball-fetching skills. She raced around madly after her ball. Without a strong wind I can throw it further however, with a strong following wind in the right direction, I can send her a long way off as the wind carries the ball into the distance.

I released the others and fed them all then myself. The day was warm so I quickly discarded my coat and scarf then sat down for a rest and something to eat. I could hear Jorma preparing their van for the trip to Lidl which he’d mentioned when we met earlier.

The morning drifted by. I made a vain effort to sort out some of the clutter but it was very vain. The sun became stronger so the battery is fully charged. I slid into to a shutdown situation after a ride up the mountain and round Paleochora. This was followed by finding the razor and removing my hair which had degenerated to a long and uncontrollable state due to the cool weather. Tomorrow will be warm so my head will have got used to being Shaun by the time the temperature drops next. Even so, it’s only around 8ºC first thing in the morning hence the scarf and coat.

I went for a shower to wash off the clippings, prepared the doggy rice then took the crazy one and her ball via the washing machine to the beach. Some small children with a football were playing at the further end of the beach so Isabella went to investigate and to say hello. I had other ideas so she was soon on her way back to me and suddenly very cooperative. We went for a few more throws on the Promontory and then back to the others via the washing machine to check progress. I know that it’s finished now as I’ve just checked the camera so I shall go and return Anke’s THIRD wash in two days shortly.

Altogether, it’s been a mild, calm and warm day which is a change after the past few wet ones. Isabella went into the sea and my feet and legs went for a paddle from the Big Beach. It’s nice to have a break from rain, cold and wind and I noticed some insects about earlier!


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