Road Open

There was a little rain in the night but none at 05:15 so I was out of bed and we were on our way by 05:35. The morning was a little fresher and windier as the sea was running quite strongly from the southwest. We didn’t bother to cross the rocks on either visit.

The river is still transecting the beach however I noticed the islands are now more extensive than yesterday. There seems to be an almost endless stream of water rushing down from the mountains and the ground is going to remain saturated for some time.

The second tour of the Promontory was brisk as I could see approaching clouds so was keen to get the dogs at least within running distance of the camping. As things turned out, there was time to get the dogs into the van as well as feed the cats before it started to rain with any enthusiasm. I sat and organised my brain leaving Isabella to think beautiful thoughts until the rain stopped.

We set off with the intention of not getting wet however the weather had other ideas but the precipitation was very light and quite directional so a sheltered walk was possible. Isabella was a little soggy then we got back but a quick rub over with a towel did the trick.

I fed the dogs and then myself. I knew the power would go off by 09:30 but it didn’t matter as now there is a UPS on each switch between the office and here. The network will keep going at least for an hour or so after the power fails.

There was some sunshine, enough to generate 7.38kWh by the end of the day. Pretty good for a generally cloudy day but worthwhile since the wind has now moved to the northwest giving a much cooler temperature.

I kept thinking about riding into Paleochora but the sky was full of grey clouds much of the time. I amused myself by moving the CCTV recorder to the laundry room as it’s more central. The power was back on by this time but I hadn’t fancied it earlier due to the showers.

I saw a bus go by so guessed the road had reopened so jumped on my bike and rode into Paleochora. It started to rain just as I arrived at Petrakis and I waited inside until it stopped before riding back against a strong wind. I engaged Inter-Galactic Hyperdrive as clouds were building over Grammeno and I didn’t fancy a shower.

I’d not been back long when a couple with a small daughter and a very fluffy dog and a couple of cats arrived. I don’t know the history of the dog but the cats adopted them in Romania or Bulgaria I was told. The dog was very fluffy and friendly. Even more fluffy that Oskar! I ended up smelling of her and transporting a number of hairs back with me which caused a bit of a stir.

Isabella was bursting with energy so I unleashed her onto the beach with her ball for twenty minutes or I could see the evening might be tedious. She is curled up asleep on the bench seat between Fido and Charlie. Skinny is on the other side of me and Oskar found himself on the wrong side of the van door so is outside with Obi.

Some rain in the night and early morning with the odd shower during the day. The temperature has dropped now that the wind is from the north

I had one support call from Simon Lawrence who was away skiing with a friend in the Alpes. They attended a birthday party so he returned with CoVID and is consequently in quarantine in his office for a couple of weeks. I don’t think it’s much of a hardship for him other than the Lewes Alms beckoning to him from across the road. He says it feels more like a bad cold than anything else.


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