Fabulous Day

A little loafing until 05:30 had us out of the gate around 05:45 to a clear sky with Venus shining brightly in the east. It was not warm with a brisk northerly breeze which was definitely an eye-opener.

There were only two non-flashing dogs as Oskar was equipped with a clip-on cycle light which had new batteries so was very bright. A little cumbersome but he was very visible.

We were soon back onto the beach and heading towards the river. Today, I walked along close to the sea shore as the sea was very gentle. There is now an even larger bank of shingle which forces the river to run parallel to the beach as it finally joins the sea. The islands are bigger so I suspect the river is shallower as well as wider.

It didn’t take long to get back to Grammeno Beach and onto the Promontory where we followed the west side over the rocks and then back to the camping. I fed the cats then took Isabella straight out with her ball. She dashed off as there was an unknown person on the track heading towards the beach car park. Isabella remembered it was Stephanie who was wrapped up warmly complete with wooly hat. We walked together around the Promontory and then met Jorma and Siiri in the car park. Stephanie needed to get back to organise her social life so Jorma and Isabella amused each other before we went back.

I used the remainder of the time to play with my brain as there was another wash to put on for Niclas at 09:00. The first went in at 07:30.

I fed the dogs and then myself having tidied up the mound of toilet tissue Isabella had chewed up and scattered far and wide in the night.

I’d intended to cycle into paleochora as it was such a fabulous day. I’d already parted with some layers as well as my boots and socks! I knew I had some departures so wandered down to see the state of play. In the end, I chatted to Sandra and Sonja for a while, the couple with the fluffy dog were on the beach so Amy, the fluffy one, was having a meltdown seeing them in the distance. I unwound her from the tree and tried to distract her with a little petting but she wasn’t interested in my attentions only the return of her family.

They eventually arrived, paid their bill then put their little girl down for a nap as she’d been very busy with the sea and the beach. We chatted, they filled up with water and I sent them off with instructions how to find Stavros as they need to update the paperwork on one of the two remaining cats. Apparently, one of their rescue cats became a victim of the road a while ago.

It was now time to feed the cats and put on the food for the dogs and myself. I took Isabella’s ball and Isabella for a walk around the Promontory which I think we both enjoyed. The dogs have since been fed. Oskar and Charlier are to my right, Obi and Skinny to my left and Fido opposite, taking up nearly all of the bench. Luis is on the floor licking the heel of my right foot and Isabella outside digesting her meal and probably planning more mayhem.

Following a chilly start, the day developed into a succession of warmth and sunshine.


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