A good Day

I felt there was little point in leaping out of bed at 05:15 so I went back to sleep until 05:50 when I got up and dressed. We were out the gate around six-fifteen under some dark and menacing clouds. Initially, Venus was nowhere to be seen but she put in an appearance as dawn turned into sunrise.

I could see the dogs as we walked back along the beach as by now it was getting light. Indeed, I turned off their flashing lights when I gave them biscuits as we entered the Promontory for the second time. We went up onto the rocks, crossed over and then back to the camping where I fed the cats before taking Isabella out with her ball. I even had time to play with my brain before nine when I fed the dogs.

Other attractions of the day included changing two gas bottles: one for Kirsti and Jorma the other for Sandra and Sonja. They have just got to the end of their first bottle but then they were away in Iceland for more than two weeks. Niclas had yet another wash and so can assure me that everything they own is now washed. At least for the time being anyway.

After breakfast, I continued to amuse myself with the IS computer conundrum and have, hopefully solved it. It was fun playing around with different solutions.

Kirsti took Isabella out for a walk. I finally baked the banana bread I started before breakfast. The inverter was whirring away so I guessed the battery was full which gave me the opportunity to use the remaining sunshine for something productive.

Whilst the bread was baking, I rode my bike over Panorama and took a shortcut through Paleochora and back to the camping where I indulged in a solar-powered shower before putting on the doggy rice and preparing some for myself. The nice ladies with the static van kindly left me the remainders of their vegetable take-out so it’s an easy supper for me. Some rice, a few cauliflower florets to top it up with a little garlic and it will do. The dogs got to lick out the foil container.

Maria sent a message to warn me that a camper would arrive this evening. Don’t you just love it when people pitch up after dark on a winter’s Sunday evening?

The punters have been amusing themselves, some in the sea but I didn’t feel tempted. The couple arrived from Rethymno so can be forgiven for the time of day. They are a French couple who, whey they stayed in Athens, had three days of snow! They are contemplating how long they will stay at Grammeno.

Following a cloudy start, it turned out to be quite a pleasant day with plenty of sunshine. 10.4kWh

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