Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to Luis we were awake at 05:05 at which point I left my position of repose and donned some clobber. It was 05:30 as we wandered across the field with Venus staring us in the face from the clear and starry sky. There was a slight chill in the air, I had no scarf so put up my hood against the chilly breeze for the remainder of the walk.

The first light of dawn appeared sooner due to the clear conditions making it a delight to be out so early in the day. The rest of the walk was without incident and the river still crosses the beach preventing easy access to Plakaki.

I fed the cats then spent the next thirty minutes with Elevate and Balance before taking Isabella’s ball and thrower out for a walk. Strangely, Isabella came too. I was listening to a podcast and Isabella was clinging to her ball for fear it may explode. She parted with it on a couple of occasions however she seemed happy to spend her time with her nose to the ground. We were back in time for me to feed the dogs before putting on some washing for Frank.

I prepared breakfast for myself and settled in my chair to enjoy the morning sun and take in a couple of YouTube videos. I fell asleep so overshot the time to return Frank’s washing. It was only the arrival of the postman on his motorcycle that woke me. There were two packages for Frank and one for me. There was also a docket to collect and pay for something else back at the post office. There were some uninteresting bills for the camping which I scanned and forwarded to Maria and Georgia later.

Having removed Frank’s washing from the machine I left the heavy bowl by the door as I didn’t know where he wanted to hang his laundry. The French couple also wanted a wash so their’s went in next. Manolis came with Martha to check on his possessions as Georgia had mentioned there might be some dampness however there was none.

Whilst the French laundry was in the machine I rode to Paleochora to the post office to collect my item which turned out to be the calendar sent by Eleanor some while ago. There was also 6.70€ to pay even though the packet was marked as a gift. It would appear that this might be retaliation for UK leaving the EU as now everything sits in customs for months and comes requiring additional payment. The calendar had wonderful photos of Eleanor’s travels in Scotland and Skye.

Back at the camping, I gave the French their laundry and then went to collect the balance of the money from Karl and his wife who were leaving after seventy-one nights at Grammeno. They plan to spend a couple of days at Elafonissi before going around the island.

The remainder of the afternoon fell into oblivion other than Kirsti taking Isabella for a walk and a little computer fiddling.

It is 17:45 and I’m still sitting outside in daylight without even a coat even though I plan to go in very soon.

Warm and sunny with little wind. I rode into Paleochora with no coat.


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