Demolition Party

I had a phone call from Alain, the French guy who arrived with his wife the previous evening. He told me his wife was in Chania hospital and that they would not be coming back to the camping. He would come the following morning to collect their van then take it back to Chania to pick up his wife. He was concerned that I might be worried because they hadn’t paid! I assured him it was the least of his problems and that he should be with his wife. As it turned out, they both came back this morning in a taxi and are staying tonighjt. They have booked a ferry back to Piraeus and plan to spend some time in Italy before returning to France. The feel more reassured being closer to France for medical treatment. It transpired his wife has a brain tumour which could not be completely removed as it’s too deep in her brain. As a consequence of the tumour she’s prone to fits and was still plagued with psychedelic lights today.

The full moon lit the way as we walked to the Promontory. Venus looked a little watery then so did my eyes as it wasn’t warm. The sky was a mass of stars but almost completely clear. We crossed the rocks and were soon down where the river crosses the beach. There is now a significant spit of shingle separating the river from the sea where it is forced to run parallel before disgorging freshwater into the saltwater. We made our way back and around the Promontory for the second time and it was quite light as we stuffed down the remainder of the biscuits standing atop the rocks.

I fed the cats then made Isabella wait for her walk as I Elevated my brain and Balanced my mind. We went out with her ball but it was only at the end of the walk when we met Siiri and Jorma that Isabella was motivated to show off to Jorma. We agreed it was going to be a sunny day and Jorma said he was looking forward to driving over the mountains to Lidl to get in the shopping.

I fed all the dogs before preparing the DDs and chucking them in the pot. Luckily, I’d bought in plenty of ingredients when at the supermarket last. I made my own breakfast then sat down to eat it.

The sound of chainsaws filled the air as Michaelis and Tony worked to lop some branches from the trees where the new statics will go. I’m told there will be two statics and a four-person cabin on that plot. Cosy! They worked at removing the shading which is too low for the statics and would make it very difficult to get them into position. I will try to take some photos of progress.

I relocated the French away from the work area down by the beach where Karl and his wife were until yesterday. They spent most of the day sitting down by the beach chilling and recovering from an uncomfortable and mainly sleepless night.

Much of my day was taken up just fiddling around getting admin up-to-date and enjoying the sunshine. I found another key to Δ1 so I was able to change the timer on the lights on the road into the camping. They have been coming on very late and going off early morning. The timer was right until the power was off for several hours recently.

I tried on my new had which Kirsti is knitting to replace the one I mislaid a week or so ago. I have no idea where it is and have turned the place upside down. This is a springtime hat as it contains different colours. It also has a turn-up. I’m told it will be ready tomorrow morning.

Whilst walking down the camping to give the French their change, I ran into Karl who left only yesterday. He told me that he and his wife walked from Elafonissi but she turned back as she’d had enough. He carried on and ended up at Grammeno where he was enjoying a meal with Frank. He is now staying the night in Ξ6 and plans to walk back to Elefonissi to rejoin his wife and van tomorrow.

I didn’t manage to ride my bike due to a variety of distractions but took Skinny and Isabella for a walk around the Promontory at sunset. There others were initially unimpressed at being left behind but were quiet when we returned about thirty minutes later. They have been fed so I’m surrounded by heaps of sleeping dogs. Poor Skinny looks exhausted as he went on a mission of his own so probably walked twice the distance. Now that he’s over his escaping over the fence and absenteeism during walks phase, I think nothing of taking him out as I can rely on him not getting into mischief and always coming back. Even on the odd occasion when I summon him with the collar, he appears almost instantly. I know he’s far away as, in the mornings, I can see his light way up the beach. I know he’s where he should be as I can track his position with the light which is ever so bright.

I think my supper is ready so I’m going to disturb the dogs by clambering over them to get it then feed my face teeth permitting…

A very sunny, warm and windless day. Sonja was in the sea for ten minutes she said. I understand 20ºC is forecast for the weekend although it’s looking a little damp from tomorrow night until Thursday midday


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