The rain which was forecast for earlier started to fall just as I was contemplating getting up. As a result, we didn’t get out until gone seven. I was wearing my new long, waterproof coat so wished to test it out. Little rain fell during the no-so-early walk but made up for it when I took Isabella a little later.

The first walk was mostly in daylight which made a change. The sky was very cloudy but little of the rain variety. Just as we were arriving back at the van, the rain become more persistent for a few minutes which spurred Charlie to curtail his morning potterings and get back almost at the same time as the others. Once they were safely inside, I took Isabella but I could see that rain was on the way. We got as far as the Big Beach when it started to become more aggressive. It was bouncing off the rocks as we went over the causeway back towards the lagoon. Isabella disappeared under a rocky overhang out of the rain however I encouraged her to continue so we went back to the van. It was a good test of my coat which kept me mostly dry. Certainly more dry than any jacket which simply pours the water onto your shorts. The bottoms of my shorts were wet because I was walking and it was raining heavily.

I settled down to some Elevate and Balance then fed the dogs. I had Sandra and Sonja leaving as well as the Schmidt family so knew I’d need to see them off and collect the money. I received a phone call from Julia, a German woman with her young child and husband who were at Kissamos so would arrive within the next couple of hours. The departures and arrivals coincided nicely so that I could deal with all at once. I had also to collect money from Anke’s friend who was returning to Germany after a ten-day stay. Georgia was organising Michaelis and Tony who were bringing in the next of the two new static vans. I had a look inside and they are much better than the existing stock so should clean up nicely. As the remaining statics are clad it wood, I feel these should also follow the trend. The plan is to put two of them in the central space however I’m not sure that is going ahead as there was a lot of wandering around and measuring going on. I kept well out of it as I was busy receiving and saying goodbye to the guests which leaves the camping a little bare now. Good for getting work done though as they can just get on with the job.

I put in a wash for the new arrivals then set off for Paleochora and the dentist and his assistant who were waiting for me even though I was nearly fifteen minutes early. The root fill of my tooth has now been completed with lots of x-rays as proof. I shall glow in the dark tonight. I called at Petrakis where I talked to Yiannis about the courgette business and showed him the pictures of the dog food bag I opened yesterday which was draped in ’cobwebs’. Little grubs soon appear in any animal food after a while but usually not to this extent. My courgette money was refunded and he will look into the dog food situation at the warehouse and contact his supplier. I ordered more gas so spent a fair amount of cash altogether.

I handed the wash to Julia and then went back to the van for a rest which turned into a snooze followed by general inactivity. I prepared the doggy rice then took Isabella out for a walk which was a complete contrast to the earlier effort. It was warm and sunny with a light breeze so was most enjoyable. Isabella ran around after her ball and we discovered the little lime-coloured tent from this morning had vanished.

Dogs are now fed, Skinny is still pondering where to park himself. Isabella is in the run so will soon be allowed under the awning and onto the chair. Her presence inside leads to a certain amount of tension so it’s better when she’s outside.

A damp start followed eventually by a sunny and reasonably warm day.


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