Even though it was Sunday morning, we were out at around the usual time. The sky was clear although Venus and the moon were a little watery. A lone Italian camper, which was scrutinised by the dogs, was at the beach end of the car park.

Plakaki is still unattainable without wet feet but there was time to admire the view before turning back.

Looking east towards Paleochora from Alonáki Beach, Venus top centre-right

We made it back to headquarters without incident although Charlie returned minus his flashing collar. The second time in two days he’s left it behind. I didn’t look for it when I came back with Isabella so it’s likely lost and gone forever. The new lights from SportDog should arrive this week. Why they didn’t despatch them with the transmitter I have no idea.

I fed the cats having put the black one in a box for the vets. The cats were pleased to see food as it had been a while. The plan was for Anke to take the cat with her two to Kalamos however she decided to see friends in the mountains so I made other arrangements.

Isabella and I went for a walk with her ball which we managed to come back with. She dutifully ran after her ball and returned suitably tired. I then elevated my brain and balanced my mind before letting the others out.

I’d ascertained that Anka wasn’t at her caravan so contacted PAWS to find out if anyone was passing. The German guy who came previously who drives the Lupo picked up the prepackaged cat however we had time for a good chat.

I hadn’t booked in my arrivals from the previous day and was in the process of doing so when I received a call to say there was another arrival. The couple have been several times this season but have spent two months in an apartment at Plakias to avoid the worst of the weather. They are now back in their military green Mercedes 508 van. They wanted showers and hand washing which was the reason for their visit. It was good to catch up with them.

I went back to complete my admin and write some emails before wandering round to check up on the punters who seemed not to be in a hurry to go anywhere.

It was sunny and warm so I sat and went to sleep which seemed like a good idea after all the excitement of the previous day. I did very little other than hand Isabella over to Kirsti who took her for a long walk. I went into the shower then wandered the camping to see what the punters were doing. They appear to have amalgamated so are staying another night. There’s a fire on the beach which will become the focus of attention later and was being tended by the children at 07:30 when I walked round the first time.

I needed to offset my laziness so took all of the dogs onto the Promontory and right down to the rocks at Plakaki. Nothing had changed as far as the river was concerned, the only difference being that I was not wearing shoes and socks. Most of the dogs had elected to swim so I have a selection of sogginess around me.

On our return they were fed so are now all out for the count.


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