Quiet Descends

The night was not cold but it was fresh as we headed out for our walk. The moon is now almost overhead so it’s easy to see where you’re going most of the time without a torch. The Italian van which has been parked near the beach has disappeared leaving just a muddy patch in the centre of the car park as the only resident. There’s been a small lake there for quite a while due to all the rainfall. It has, at last, dried up!

I looked out for Charlie’s flashing collar which is most likely hooked up somewhere in one of the many bushes so unlikely to be found in any kind of useable condition. Charlie now has a SportDog locator beacon so will be visible from a great distance tomorrow morning as will Oskar and Obi. Interestingly, the transmitter, which came via courier, arrived on Friday and the lights, through the normal post, today.

I brought back the dogs and fed the cats then took Isabella and Charlie out for another walk. Charlie hadn’t quite made it back as he’d been detained on important business by a bone. He managed to tear himself away and follow us round.

I went into Paleochora after Elevating my brain as there was a distinct lack of food for the DDs and me too. I didn’t hang around as I knew the Greek family and the Navy party would be leaving today but didn’t know when.

I fed the dogs then went out on a money foraging expedition. The Greek family were easier than the Navy group who comprised two families and sundry children. In the end, we went for one bill and assumed they all slept in the cabins.

The postman arrived with the lights and a package for Frank which I gave to Anke who’d just brought back the Grammeno cat from its vet experience. Fortunately, Kirsti was on hand to intercept the postman as Jorma was busily repairing a punctured back bike tyre.

A machine came in to grub out the hedge at the east end of T1 and remove some other items elsewhere. Michaelis was demolishing Z4 which had some rotten timber due to a leak. He’s replaced the damaged areas so just needs to put it all back together. He showed it to me and I made appropriate noises.

I received an email from Reni and Tomas who took Millie and are now interested in acquiring Charlie as a playmate for Millie. I’m sure he’d be delighted to be reunited with his sister as they are of similar temperament. Better than having Luis growling at him and Isabella pouncing in him unexpectedly. He’s quite an unassuming, gentle soul so not really cut out for the other lunatics. Reuniting him with his sibling is the next step so I suggested Reni and Tomas come to Crete for a short holiday and take him back with them.

The Greek family left leaving the Americans who finally departed mid-afternoon. I said they could leave whenever they wished but they preferred to return to Souda in the daylight.

I took the plunge and went for a quick swim. The water was initially quite invigorating but I stayed in around fifteen minutes. I was glad of a long, hot shower afterwards.

Stephanie has agreed to return Heidi’s passport to UK to save delay in the post and the possibility of it being lost. She has invited Frank and I to supper one night. Both he and I declined her offer to join in with a crowd who are meeting up in Paleochora tomorrow evening. Couldn’t think of anything worse.

Amidst all this, I found time to make the DDs and also some banana bread which I’ve been without for the past couple of days. Difficult making banana bread when you have no bananas…

The forecast for the next few days is unsettled so we might see a little more cold, wet and windy weather.


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