A brief patter of rain awakened me around 05:00 but it was the briefest of brief. My swimming trunks which were on the line were still almost dry.

I went out in a coat but with no thick fleece underneath as the forecast was rain. I didn’t need either just to put up my hood against the stiff southwesterly breeze blowing across the sea which was trying to drive the sea over the causeway. We all crossed with dry feet with some careful timing and were soon down at the river which only Skinny and Isabella crossed. The former disappeared off in the direction of Plakaki to catch us up a little later. Charlie was still at the Promontory end of the the beach as he’d taken over some delight discovered by Skinny earlier. He was wearing his new flashing locator beacon so was easily visible from 600m. All the dogs were wearing their flashing lights. Skinny and Isabella are still Starboard and Port, Charlie is yellow, Obi white and Oskar blue. Fido was sporting the latest in green around-the-neck lights and Luis had a small flasher attached to his collar. There is an around the neck collar for him too.

It was getting light at 06:30 so I had no further need for my torch as we headed back up the rocks and again over the causeway then back to the camping.

I fed the cats then played with my brain before taking Isabella out again. She was very active this morning and did lots of ball-chasing.

I fed the dogs and then myself as I watched some YouTube videos about various topics then may have drifted off in the sunshine. Tony and Michaelis were dragging the first of the new vans into position at the top of the camping. The one purchased by Georgia’s friends for their personal use. They have also pulled T1 along towards Janne and Erica and I understand it needs to go another meter or so. It shouldn’t impact them too seriously.

I wandered the camping to deliver a message to Anke about her Greek lesson tomorrow as she left her phone at Laura’s house. I had a pocket full of keys I needed to leave at reception and for Bona who will be delighted with all the cleaning.

Kirsti and Jorma were out shopping at Lidl so the camping appeared quite deserted. I went to sit outside Janne and Erica’s van to commune with the pussies and generally chill out. I did a little camping admin then rode into Paleochora for my penultimate dental appointment. I was trying to dodge the showers so picked my moment and did some shopping first as tomorrow might be a lot wetter.

I emerged from the dentist after about forty minutes of drilling, packing and an impression. My new crown should be ready for my next anointment at 15:00 next Thursday. What will I do on Thursday afternoons without dental appointments?

I rode back to the camping against the wind but fortunately had a full battery so had plenty of support. I’d left only Isabella outside to avoid any noise in response to any banging about moving vans or whatever.

I put together some food after unpacking the shopping then took all of the dogs for an Evening Walk.

They are now snoring gently having munched their food. Mine is in the pot so should be ready soon.

Only a couple of showers and long sunny intervals which gave 4.6kWh of electricity. Tomorrow’s forecast talks about 93% chance of 20mm so might be a little damper. But then anything could happen…
The new static at the top of the camping.
T1 on its travels towards Erica and Janne

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