Early Visitor

The sound of a dog barking woke me and caused some commotion amongst the troops. I didn’t recognise it as Isabella and the others were in with me. It only dawned on me later.

I knew there was the possibility of rain so I spent five minutes checking the forecast before leaving my pit. At that point it was not raining. Only once I’d welcomed The Rug from the other side of the field gate and put on Isabella’s collar did it start to rain. I was up and the dogs were scrabbling at the van door to get out so off we went once I’d put on my knee-length waterproof coat.

The rain remained quite refined until it eventually stopped altogether. We completed our walk with our extra companion then I fed the cats before taking The Rug and Isabella out again. We had our ball so Isabella was concentrating mostly on that. The Rug has happy to remain a spectator and to pick up a treat for not chasing after then releasing the ball. We went the same route around the Promontory and over the rocks. The wind had calmed so it was easy to get over the causeway.

It started to rain more determinedly so we were a little damper than at the end of the first walk especially as I’d traded in my long coat for a jacket which simply purports to be waterproof. Nevertheless, we arrived back only slightly soggy whereupon I exercised my brain and, for some reason, fell asleep.

It was well after half-nine when I let the others out and fed the assembled multitude. The rain was still falling gently on the roof. I made my breakfast and watched some videos before getting on with something more constructive. I wandered to the office where I found a final demand from the water company which threatened to suspend service. I sent this via Viber to Georgia and Maria.

I wandered around a little more then went back to the dogs where I fiddled with spreadsheets including a new template for the camping customer invoice. The paper invoices are copied from an elderly copy so are usually skewed and blurred. I felt it about time to create a new template so that first generation copies could be printed, straight and legible. This took up quite a little time but then it was raining and pretty miserable outside so why not?

I was interrupted by Kirsti who was bringing me another hat to not replace the one which replaced the one I lost. This is a totally different colour from the others. At present, I’m wearing both of my hats.

There was some communication from Maria and also Georgia who wished me to resend the scans of the previous water invoice to get it paid. I suggested it might be difficult if the water was cut off.

I tried to contact David who took Princess and Pea back in 2019 to see if he was still travelling occasionally to UK. As yet, I have received no reply.

Kirsti reappeared to show me the bottom step of their van which has sagged. I took some photos which I sent to Antonis. We will talk tomorrow at 08:00.

There was a call from Janne to discuss the T1 business. They will arrive late Sunday night 20:00 local time. It’s likely I’ll be tucked up by then.

No work took place on the camping due to the rain which stopped in the middle of the day for a little rest. I prepared doggy food then took Isabella out on her own to exercise her ball. She had a good run around as did I. The sea was even calmer than the morning as we crossed the rocks.

My food should hopefully be ready so I shall go and get it.

Showers and more persistent rain. Cool and uninspiring

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