Just Polishing

Fido went walkabout at 04:30 which meant getting out of bed so I took the opportunity to visit the loo. I was knee-deep in cats on the way back but they were disappointed as I didn’t feed them but returned to bed instead. It wasn’t far off getting up time so I lay in my pit and chilled until the alarm sounded. It took a few more minutes for me to actually commit to getting from my pit as it was cool and dark so the pit was enticing.

Nevertheless, we managed to get out for our walk and briskly stomped towards the rocks under an almost cloudless and reasonably bright sky considering the time of the day. At the river, Skinny went for a wander but returned having wet his knees; Isabella opted to stay dry.

It was light as we walked back although the moonlight still reflected strongly onto the sea. Once more around The Promontory and then back to the camping as I felt we’d done enough walking. I fed the cats then settled in my chair for thirty-minutes to Balance and Elevate.

Isabella was busting for another walk so we set off in the sunshine for the Promontory once more. It’s quicker with just one dog even though I have to throw her ball occasionally. It was pleasant as we crossed the rocks and spent a little time in the sandy bit at the end before making our way back for some breakfast as it was gone nine.

The others were pleased to see us as it was a signal that food was soon to follow. However, I was dragged off to open T2/3 as Michaelis needed to fix some electrical faults. I eventually fed the dogs and then myself.

I’d made little progress updating the software on my solar recording and control software so got on with that. A new version of Linux is installed with the new software. I later learned that there is no supported method to transfer the historical data from the old setup to the new as the database structure is different. I will keep the old setup in case there’s a time when it can be extracted and loaded onto the new version.

Michaelis has been busy about the camping as have the electricians and various other bods. I’ve been busy so have not really taken much notice. Georgia’s friend arrived and we went to pay a quick visit to the new static van which he appropriately admired. Kirsti took Isabella for a walk and later, I took myself for a bike ride over Panorama, through Paleochora and back to Grammeno where I met Stephanie who was just on her way to go swimming. At 17:00!

I’ve fed the dogs and some are in the van whilst Luis and Fido are fussing around outside with Oskar. They are all about to be put inside. Skinny has revisited all of the empty food bowls: just polishing…

Bright and cool then overcast but no rain with some prolonged sunny intervals.

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