Little Purple Flowers

Fido had me up in the night even though he’d been out at bedtime which, I must confess was quite early. I’d been watching an interesting documentary on The Battle of Britain which, unfortunately, didn’t prevent me from falling into a deep sleep. I put myself to bed after evicting Fido for a goodnight wee.

We left a little later this morning following a Sunday morning lie-in until 05:35. The sky was mostly clear to the east except close to the horizon where a collection of clouds floated above the mountains. Greyer ones were building towards the west in line with the forecast which had foretold the possibility of rain.

It was getting light as we walked towards Plakaki and the river where both Skinny and Isabella went for a paddle. The river is still wide and running well. We had our biscuits then returned to the Promontory and over the rocks stopping for a while in the empty lagoon. There was a little charging around and then back to the van. In the distance, the sun was rising although somewhat obscured by the clouds.

I waited before taking Isabella out once more and it was gone nine before we got back. Bona called me asking if I’d look at their laptop where there was a problem with the WiFi. It turned out to be that the WiFi was switched off by a little slide switch. This is not the first time I’ve encountered this with similar models. A nice, quick job for me though. I did a few server updates for Inter Sport.

I had DD’s to make as well as banana bread. I got on with the DDs but postponed the banana bread until later. I didn’t get much done during the morning which turned out to be periodically sunny despite all the cloud which had taken over from the clear morning.

Kirsti came to inform me they’d be leaving Grammeno on Wednesday morning then driving to Agios Nikolaos before catching a ferry from Iraklion. I’m not sure how they plan to travel north but think they will go through Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. The fuel is cheaper and the roads have improved since I did that run in 2001.

I eventually got on with the banana bread as the sun had put in an appearance so it seemed a pity to waste it. I went for a wander around the camping and ended up in the loo. Kirsti came past with the intention of using the shower but I was occupying it. She inadvertently locked the door on the outside leaving me to climb out of the window as the cats had refused to unlock the door for me. I pulled Kirsti’s leg about it when she came to walk Isabella later in the afternoon.

Mike, the German guy who has a problem with his van’s engine, left today as he has an early meeting with a mechanic in Chania tomorrow. He’s hopeful the mechanic can help him as the prospect of a replacement engine is a financial burden he could well do without. He paid for a month but stayed for only 23 days. Our discussion confirmed that he is slightly older than me by some six months.

The banana bread was consigned to the oven, the Doggy Dinners were processed and the doggy rice was prepared along with something for me. It started to rain so I put my bike into the storeroom and fed the cats. The rain didn’t last long but it daunted any intention of going out on my bike.

Instead, I fed the dogs then took them all out for a quick spin around the Promontory where we encountered a lone woman walking south on the Big Beach. The dogs were mildly interested in her and she in them.

After a clear start, the morning clouded over leading to sunny intervals later followed by a brief shower which was responsible for 1mm of precipitation. The possibility of rain is forecast for tomorrow

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