Janne & Erica Arrive

An early morning visitor was waiting outside the field gate even though there was no recognition of such from within other than Isabella sitting on the inside looking out. The Rug joined us for two walks before being collected by her master who told us she is a Houdini Dog.

The Early Walk was without dampness and the two girls had a good catch-up with plenty of girlstrous chasing and charging about. Much to the relief of the others. The morning was overcast to the west and also on the eastern horizon so I was pleased when it started to get light despite the cloud. We were back in the camping before seven so I fed the dogs and exercised my mind before taking both females out again. The timing was perfect all around as I’d arranged to meet Stephanie who arrived on her bike on the stroke of eight. Rug’s owner appeared in his little Suzuki just as we left the Promontory and were about to say goodbye to Stephanie who was on her way to give Frank the benefit of her attentions.

I got on with feeding the dogs and then myself although there were a couple of distractions before I finally got to eat it. But never mind. Janne and Erica emerged in their night attire, we had a quick chat over the fence then I went round to see them. We discussed the various works in progress and the impending encroachment of T1.

Later, a smelly lorry arrived to drop off some building materials whilst I was on an extended call with the Lovely Louise no longer of EG and now a Lady of Leisure. There were other distractions until the morning eventually petered out.

A phone call from reception announced the arrival of two German couples with five children between them. One couple now live in Switzerland with their three children. They are opposite each other behind the kitchen and adjacent to the sliding gate to the beach. They were surprised the cats followed me everywhere until I confessed it was past their supper time. The older children came to feed the cats with me.

On my way back to put on the doggy rice, I was intercepted by Erica inviting me for tea which I gladly accepted. We chatted whilst the dogs fidgeted on the other side of the fence and Isabella dug a crater or man trap. They were protesting my lack of enthusiasm for feeding them. Finally, once they were quiet, I returned to put on the rice and take them for a walk to keep them busy whilst it cooked.

The evening sky as we returned to the camping. The forecast is for moisture on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Little wind and often overcast but not cold. Rain forecast…


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