Five New Teeth

I didn’t expect to hear the sound of rain so wasn’t disappointed as none was falling. There were plenty of dark clouds and I had a suspicion there would be some rain before long. The Early Walk was dry and lively as we left a little later and I was feeling in a brisk mood.

With the previous days’ rain, the river shows no sign of disappearing and was running fast and wide. Some of the spit has been washed away where it enters the sea. I should imagine the force of the river water easily prevailed. We were soon back and atop the rocks by which time I could easily see far and wide. The sunrise was blotted out by the clouds on the eastern horizon.

I put the dogs in and Charlie eventually decided to grace us with his presence. I made tea and did head stuff before taking Isabella. In hindsight, it would have been better to have done things differently; it began to rain gently halfway round and was becoming more emphatic as we crossed the field back to the van.

I went for a wander around the camping after I’d fed the dogs. The two families were leaving but going their separate ways. They planned to stay two nights but stayed three which was a bonus. They said they enjoyed their stay and felt the Common Room was a useful asset during poor weather.

Some contractors were clearing a space to lay concrete to provide a base around the poo tanks opposite the loo and shower cubicles. They have even laid out the corners of the building which will house the control equipment and should help to contain the wonderful aroma which sometimes permeates from the tank during the hottest weather. It will be possible to tend to the pumps without being in full view of the customers.

I ate breakfast and enjoyed the sunshine as the battery charged up in the background. The sun was much more intense in the morning but the entire day produced 11kWh of energy of which 10kWh found its way to the battery raising the state of charge (SOC) from around 12% by nearly 60%.

I wanted to get a shower before going out as the recent weather was not conducive to excessive ablutions. I actually managed to leave at the time I’d planned so had the opportunity to visit Petrakis to replenish the grocery stocks. As expected at that time of the day, I was almost alone in the fruit and vegetable department. I managed to reprovision and arrive at the dentist well ahead of my appointment. The previous victim was still strapped to the chair so I amused myself in the warm sunshine outside rather than lurk in the waiting room wearing as mask.

I was in the chair ten minutes before my appointment and out again ten minutes after. I now have five sparkly new teeth. We did the paying bit and I realised the 250€ for the crown would be insufficient given the root fill which added another couple of visits. I’d come armed with 300€ which I gave to the dentist once we’d agreed a new price. I think he realises I will stick with him so knocked 100€ off the initial amount.

I rode back to Grammeno under an intermittently cloudy sky. There is activity at the rockfall and now there are many, large rocks blocking the westbound carriageway. A machine is clearing the area above which is what should have been done at the outset as the initial remedial works were insufficient.

I came back to find that Isabella had managed to release those dogs I’d left inside the van. They were in when I arrived however her excitement must have got the better of her and she wished to be joined by the others. I fed the cats, unloaded the shopping and then sat in the sun for a while.

We had another good walk around The Promontory where we met Xanthippos who had been waiting since midday for a timber delivery from Polychronis. He informed my that the delivery would now take place the following morning as I was on my way back with the dogs.

Interestingly, Charlie and Oskar are occupying either side of the U-shaped rear seating area with me, Fido, Isabella and Skinny across the end. Luis is on the floor at my feet and Obi has elected to remain outside as it’s warmer than yesterday and he’s been in here most of the day anyway.

The top temperature is 16ºC which is not amazing however it felt much warmer than yesterday as there was much less wind and cloud.


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