Holiday Weekend

There was not quite the same will to get up and out this morning. It was another dark morning with a few stars but plenty of clouds particularly to the west. The wind was mostly northerly until it changed to the east and freshened later in the day.

The Early Walk was unremarkable but enjoyable. We were back at the van before seven which left me plenty of time to feed the cats, drink some tea and rearrange my brain before taking Isabella who wasn’t that up for rushing around this morning. She still has a slight problem with her rear-left hoof when she chooses to think about it.

The morning was shattered by a machine digging holes for the posts around the new static and T1. At least they waited until after nine before starting. I put one wash on for the couple who arrived yesterday and collected money from Anke. Her fiend Laura was present so we chatted a while. Her dog has a fancy collar which Laura made so I plan to commission her to make a collar for Isabella since she is in and out of the sea almost daily and other collars simply fall apart when the metalwork rusts away.

The next arrivals were a couple in a van who are walking to Elafonissi but wish to spend two nights. I suggested they drive to Krios to save 5km of uninteresting walking. Next was a couple of walkers with a tent who pitched next to Georgia’s van under the trees. I mentioned the dogs but they said they were fine with that. The couple I thought were arriving yesterday arrived today so I put them into T3 as that is the only one available. They will stay until Tuesday. T2 wasn’t ready and it backs onto the area where all of the work is taking place.

Later, a Greek guy called to book Z6 for himself and his son for tomorrow night. They wish to attend the parade in Paleochora and fly their kite on the Promontory on Clean Monday.

Between all of this, I’ve been sorting out a price for Frank to leave his van and caravan whilst he’s away for a couple of months, dealing with Doggy Dinners and making Banana Bread. Despite all the cooking, the battery is full as it’s been so sunny.

I took the dogs for a quick spin around the Promontory and then fed them. Fido has been ejected for growling at Oskar who wanted to get into the corner of the bench seat. Skinny is with him as he was too slow coming in. I’ll let them both in shorty as I collect my supper.

Very sunny but quite windy as the day progressed


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