A quick look at WU indicated a 60% possibility of some moisture but with no indication of quantity so we persevered. It was much lighter than the previous day for two reasons. Firstly, it was around fifteen minutes later and also the sky was a lot clearer. There was still extensive cloud but not of the imminently threatening variety. I crossed the rocks and causeway without the need for a torch and I could see the nearest dogs as we walked out towards the river. Lights were still required for Skinny and Isabella. Skinny because he was in the distance and Isabella due to camouflage.

We returned to the rocks by the beaches and then over the rocks in the usual way. We paused high up for appreciation of the surroundings and biscuits. I’m not heavily into the biscuits and the dogs are not terribly interested in admiring the seascape.

Back at the van I fed the cats who were waiting eagerly as it was past their usual feeding time. I drank my tea and performed my morning mental exercises before going out with Isabella again. We didn’t take the ball thrower as the ball has gone off somewhere on its own and Isabella is still unhappy about her hoof. I listened to some interesting podcasts about the machinations of the banking industry all to do with interest rate fixing. Apparently, the wrong chaps were scapegoated whilst those who really benefitted kept collecting their pay packets. Sounds familliar?

I fed the creatures then wandered the camping to check the punters were behaving nicely. An additional van had arrived containing fiends of those in the brightly-painted vehicle which checked in yesterday. The former left during the morning and the latter hopefully remains.

I had some breakfast and settled down for a quiet morning. I gave some belated banana bread to Erica and ended up going round for a chat which later involved Sonja and Sandra for whom I acted as introductory agent. In the meantime, we were invited to join in with the Clean Monday celebrations which will surprisingly take place tomorrow which is Clean Monday. We are promised no dead animals only a few fish which don’t seem to count.

The day continued. I was half-heartedly awaiting the Greek guy and his son but have learned not to harbour expectations. They may have turned up and Georgia dealt with them – who knows? She called me to ask why I’d put people in T3 when she wanted to put her friends in there. I explained that no one had communicated the fact to me. She suppressed her frustration and then asked for the keys to other habitation so I told her everything was in the reception. I heard nothing since.

I listened to a few interesting political and economic discussions about the current situation held during the past week at universities of which two were at the Oxford Union Oxford Union I and the others from DW and TED. All very interesting and providing depth and background for a more profound understanding. I didn’t watch them, just listened to them with headphones whilst doing other things. The consensus is that there is no easy answer.

I prepared food and took the dogs for a long walk over the Promontory.

Sunshine, 4.59kWh worth and showers to the value of 3mm so far.

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