Clean Monday

I was putting on my socks when the alarm went off so we had a good start on the day. It seemed quite dark to begin with but I was able to see most of the dogs fairly early on and it was quite light by the time we returned to the Promontory. We completed our second tour, admired the view and returned to the van well before seven. That said, it’s getting lighter earlier and the clocks are likely to go forward on 28, one week after the Vernal Equinox. I’ll be working backwards gradually from now on to make up for the ’lost’ time when the hour changes.

I turned on the water heater and fed the cats before settling down with a cup of tea to reorganise my psyche. Isabella and I went out for another walk just after 08:00 and had the Promontory to ourselves. It was quite warm so I even removed my coat at one point. I wanted her to have a good run around as there would be kite flying until late in the day as this is the tradition on Clean Monday.

There was one arrival: a Swiss couple who elected to park their large Mercedes 4×4 next to Sandra and Sonja whom I introduced. I left them to it.

I returned to the van and spent much of the morning doing very little or sleeping in the sun. There were preparations in the Common Room involving lots of tables, chairs and enough food to feed an army. We actually got to sit down just after two and were in the trough for a couple of hours. I was sitting next to Erica with Bruna, Tony’s wife on my other side. There was a great choice of fresh vegetables but no ’meat’ as such only acres of sea creatures as these are acceptable during the Lenten period. It was good to meet up with people I’d not seen for a while as well as Five and Mickey who were looking good too. They must have been taking Georgia for plenty of long walks.

I fed the cats and prepared rice for the dogs then sat down for a while. I’d intended taking the dogs for another walk but there were still quite a few people and kites about so my enthusiasm waned. We’ll be out early in the morning to make up for it.

It was sunny and warm with a reasonable wind capable of keeping most kites in the air.


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