The minimum temperature dropped to 7.1ºC at 01:20 but I had a fleecy blanket over my duvet so it didn’t concern me until morning. I had to pop outside briefly at 04:30 which was a bit of a shock to the system as then it was a heady 7.4ºC with a feels like of 4.9ºC. I didn’t hang about and didn’t consider bothering to go back to sleep. It didn’t become appreciably warmer until we were walking back to the camping after the Early Walk.

A large, hairy object appeared from nowhere which caused Obi to dissolve into paroxysms of yapping until he worked out it was The Rug. After all, who else would be wandering the Promontory at 05:30. Isabella was well ahead of Obi and the games began; great for all parties: Isabella got loads of exercise, Ruggy had company and the other dogs were left alone.

Dawn was underway as we walked towards the river which has now consolidated itself and changed course once more. Skinny went for a Skinny Paddle but managed to get back to collect his biscuits. Even Isabella and The Rug considered it was too chilly for paddling. I’d exchanged my latest fleece for a much thicker one when I got up but still, I wasn’t overheated. We completed the first walk and returned to the van. I drank tea and exercised my mind before taking the two girls out for another walk. I was able to occupy myself listening to podcasts whilst the two dogs occupied each other. The day had now warmed up to nearly 8ºC but with the sunshine it felt warmer.

I decided to make more glue as it was cold, which I did once I’d fed the dogs and before I made up the DD’s. It was now properly sunny so it was warm enough to remain outside and the dogs sunbathed on the decking. My ingestion was interrupted by a futile search for a poorly pussy. Only later did I learn that Anke’s male pussy had already demonstrated symptoms of the plague making the whole seek and collect mission irrelevant. The happy group of females disappeared in Anke’s car with her two cats not to be seen until 14:00.

I didn’t do much with what remained of the morning other than request that Tony cut some more wood for the stove in the common room. I saw him later, splitting logs on the ground with a splitting axe. The punters will be pleased as know they can get together around the stove this evening. The German couple left having enjoyed their ’free’ night. They plan to return later to collect their gas bottle after touring the island. I suggested they may like to visit Koutsounari Camping since they intend going to the east end of the island. I failed to mention that it’s a little windswept but they already confided they felt it was on the cool side for the Mediterranean.

The vet confirmed there is an outbreak of cat flu on the camping. Hardly surprising as there are so many cats and other passers-by. The cats could have been vaccinated against the flu but not now that they’re infected. They could have antibiotics four times per day but with thirteen cats in various stages of infection, it would be almost impossible to administer. Another option would be an antibiotic shot at 30€/cat – yeah right. So the outcome? They are mostly young and seem to be managing their conditions. Isolating them is a waste of time as that ship has sailed. They will likely all survive and I’ll think again should any one take particularly poorly.

Janne and Erica invited me to ‘tea at three’ however I managed to turn up late as my shopping trip to Paleochora took longer than anticipated and I left later than intended. I needed to return after a short while to put the dogs inside so that we could enjoy an interruption-free conversation. We eventually parted company around five whereupon I recalled that the DD’s needed processing. Both Luis and Fido had tried to gently remind me of this omission but had been ignored. Janne and Erica fly out early Sunday morning so will leave the camping in the afternoon and travel to Chania to stay in a hotel so as not to have to get up at an even sillier hour of the morning.

I processed the DD’s but dismissed the idea of a late walk due to the impending darkness and descending cold. It is now 7.6ºC with a ’feels like’ of 2.6ºC! I’m very pleased I don’t live in the mountains and that the wind has completely disappeared leaving an eery stillness.

A chilly day which was thankfully, mostly sunny as otherwise very chilly. Tomorrow will probably be wet in the middle of the day but hopefully dry and just cold first thing

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