Very Lazy SUNday

Sunday morning, bright and early out in the cold and darkness but no rain and little wind. Venus was a little watery as were some of the stars but the full moon will soon be upon us which will be welcome on clear mornings. The sun is rising at 06:37 tomorrow which is about the time we’ll be heading back to the camping.

Our walk went without discovering any new cats and, strangely, there were few people around. For a change, I took the road down to the river and back as there are some pretty meaty pebbles halfway down the beach. As ever, the river runs fast and strong.

I rearranged my brain once the cats were fed and the tea made then Isabella and I went out again for a brighter, sunnier walk. She had her ball and I had the thrower however they were never connected as she wasn’t sharing today. We were back before nine so I fed the dogs and prepared more glue for myself as it was still not warm.

The day was very unenergetic after the initial frenzy of activity. A little like the summer months I suppose but without the swimming. I didn’t even wander the camping much as there was plenty of work activity, welding, cutting and general shouting to be done. The second ’new’ house is in position next to the little house built over the poo tank. Apparently, Michaelis had been pressing Georgia to build a house over the tank for years but putting a van next to it brought it to fruition.

Second new van with snotty pussy in the foreground

Little House over the poo tank
Tx next to T1

We went for an evening walk where we watched a boat go by from the rocks and encountered a man with a camera on the Big Beach. The dogs encountered him as I was away in the distance. They didn’t eat much of him as they didn’t wish to spoil their supper.

A much more favourable day with little wind and plenty of sunshine worth 13.7kWh mostly because the battery was down to nearly 30% so in need of a good charge.


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