What A Gas!

A slight tardiness resulted in a delayed departure as it took a little while to extract myself and then harness the dogs: Isabella had plenty of bounce despite walking the evening before. It’s not easy to get the others collars on with her fidgeting around.

The forecast warned of extensive cloudiness which was mostly to the west. Venus was around as were some stars. We took the same route as yesterday with only a slight variation of an additional crossing of the rocks in the opposite direction.

I’d thought about going into Paleochora early but then the wind got up and it was still cold so I decided I might go later. When later came I was involved in doing things with EG Google email accounts so the time slipped away. I was using a cunning system which downloads all the email addresses and allows for bulk deletion. Very handy and timesaving.

There had been plenty of activity around the camping which included the concrete mixer and lots of shovelling and yet more mess. I imagine they were putting down concrete pads for the jacks under the new vans. It’s a lot easier to level the van if the jacks are also level.

I had a call from the new arrivals to tell me their gas had run out asking for a replacement cylinder. I shoved one in the wheelbarrow and exchanged it for their empty. That left only one full cylinder in the storeroom as I’d already borrowed another full one for someone else. It was only later in the day when Sandra announced she’d run out of gas that I purloined the other to find out that one of the cylinders in the kitchen ran out the previous evening. Tomorrow, I’ll have to get into gear and go to Petrakis so as to order two replacements and also buy some groceries. The fridge is bare and there are DDs to make on Thursday morning.

I waited for a woman with three dogs to leave before getting mine ready to take out. There was some guy walking down the beach track as they stormed across the field which might have unnerved him a little. They are very excited for the first couple of minutes so prone to running about madly and barking until they calm down a little. There was no one on the Promontory so we were able to dash around there, fortunately.

We returned to the camping without incident where I produced food resulting in calm and silence except from Skinny. He insists on polishing every food bowl before coming into the van so finds himself without a suitable place particularly as Obi has decided to join us inside this evening. Poor Skinny finds himself relegated to the floor! The other dogs are not very economically disposed on the seats with Isabella stretched out along one side. The radiator is producing a decent amount of heat and the battery is full.

A warm, sunny day involving removal of several layers of insulation! Tomorrow is much the same but it’s going to get colder and cloudier again from Sunday. Joy!

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