I woke up a bit early for some reason so I was putting on my shoes when the alarm went off and out soon after. I wanted to go shopping so it was good to get ahead on the day.

The moon is almost full so was above the western horizon as we walked up the Promontory. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a little cloudy for a few days which is a shame. There were stars and naturally Venus too. We walked the same route as the previous days and accomplished our outing without loss or mishap.

I did some brain work after feeding the lions and before walking Isabella for the second time. There was even a cup of tea in there too. I was able to go shopping and get back before nine.

The morning was chilly to begin with as my fingers were cold despite my gloves. It gradually turned into a magnificent cloudless, sunny and warm day. I used this to get my washing up-to-date so was running around for a while in swimming trunks and a fleece whilst much of my wardrobe turned around in the machine.

One set of Swiss left for Elafonissi; the other remains. The concrete mixers were mixing loudly and Petrakis delivered 3 x 10kg gas bottles now at 26.50€ a throw. Up 3.5€ since I last purchased.

A French woman arrived later in the afternoon and positioned herself by the sliding gate onto the beach. She has a newly-adopted Skinny look-alike and just as soppy. She’s not your run-of-the-mill customer and looks interesting and different.

It was nearly dark by the time I’d taken down and dumped the laundry into an orderly heap and lassoed the dogs. Isabella had been particularly bouncy and annoying to Charlie so had been relegated to the SDC to cool her heels. Skinny, in his enthusiasm, ended up in there with her.

Some of the dogs were flashing as we walked the Promontory so the person with a torch we encountered in the car park might have been only partially surprised. The dogs took no notice, not even Luis who usually has something to say..

It’s going to be a short evening so I’d better get my food inside me.


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