Fewer Cats

We were back from the Early Walk by 06:40 as I’m getting geared up for the time-change at the end of the month. A large, fluffy dog was waiting outside the gate which joined in for two walks. Her owner received a text announcing her presence so he came promptly to collect her.

The actual walks were a repeat of the past few days although more joyous for both Isabella and The Rug. The two of them expended loads of energy chasing after each other and generally fooling around. The others got on with their lives.

With the cats fed and tea made, I could rearrange my brain and make some glue as well as walk again and be back before nine! It was much warmer this morning so gloves were not required.

I had some food and spent the morning performing sundry tasks and amusing myself on the Internet amongst other things. There was some sunshine but the day became cloudy after a while.

I was down to shorts with no top as I folded up the clothes from the previous day and put them away. I was amazed at the number of garments but it’s been a while since the previous wash. I’d hoped not to need the thicker items again but next week is looking cooler and unsettled.

We were entertained by Michaelis and Nikos who were working on the shading over the new van and T1 removed. They were chatting away loudly seemingly oblivious to anyone within earshot. The usual workman banter intermingled with plenty of shouting and equipment noise. It will be much quieter when they start work on the other projects on the other side of the workshop nearer the kitchen and the beach.

The sky clouded over and the temperature dropped so I closed the tent window and put on some more layers. Time was passing and there were still DDs to process. I fed the cats which reduces doggy barking then went inside to deal with the food.

One of Tony’s friends came to pick up the smaller, younger, fluffy cat to add to his household. I think she would have been taken soon by one of the customers. He’s a nice chap so she’s going to a good home.

We went for a walk just after six. A couple of cars were parked in the car park and some chaps were training on the beach. Another car was in their place when we were walking back and was just leaving as we arrived. Skinny thought it might be amusing to chase the car but I reminded him this was not acceptable behaviour much to his disappointment. We wandered back for Luis, Charlie and Fido to spend a few minutes snuffling around before going through the gate. Surprising really as their food was ready…

A warmer, windless and sometimes sunny day. It become quite warm at one point.


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