Nocturnal Incontinence

I woke up feeling soggy as my HWB had sprung a leak during the night. It was nice and hot when I went to sleep but I must have rolled over onto it during the night and caused it to leak. My bed was due for a change anyway…

With the wind and the cold together with the Sundayness of it all, we stayed inside until later and got up when it started to get light. It was bitterly cold and the strong north wind was making its presence felt. We completed our diurnal walk according to procedure and returned to the van. I put washing in the machine, drank tea and exercised my mind before taking Isabella and her ball.

Frank had asked for the machine after me so we didn’t hang around so I could get mine out and his in. The Swiss also wished to do a load so they were next. I was mindful of Bona coming in so didn’t wish to monopolise the machine as I knew there was lots of washing left from the Holiday Weekend. She didn’t hang stay too long as she was very tired and got only T3 and Z6 cleaned.

I put the DDs on once my breakfast was ready and go on with eating and chilling. As expected, with washing in the machine, I had to make several journeys to change it over. Fortunately, Frank came to pick his up and the Swiss load was lighter than the previous day.

It was another windy and sunny day but still cool. Sitting in the sun and out of the wind was fine except when it clouded over occasionally. The dogs were in-and-out basking on the decking. Later, once the cloud intensified, it become a lot cooler so we all went in whilst I prepared food and processed the DDs.

I took the dogs for a walk and received a call from Laura to say they’d had an electrical fault in the caravan so had turned off the power. The candlelight was very romantic when I arrived later to make some temporary connections so they could have power again. There had been an overload as the fuses are rated higher than the wiring and connectors which had started to melt. Fortunately, the smell of melting insulation had alerted them to the problem. I’d forgotten to press the button on the pot before leaving for the walk so the doggy rice was not cooked. I set this going so that it could cook whilst I completed my electrician tasks. Laura and Anke were suitably appreciative despite it being only a temporary job.

The dogs remained quiet whilst I was fixing the electrics mostly due to their collars being on I suspect. I fed them and am now waiting for my food to finish cooking.

Slight improvement.
Cold and windy but with sunshine. Tomorrow may be damp in the evening and Tuesday and Wednesday are looking damper


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