Equinox + 1

Rain delayed play a couple of times with a late start and then a pause midway where we came back to the van and I used the opportunity to feed the cats. We continued in broad daylight under fine rain to the river and thence to the Promontory under a mixture of rainbows and sunshine with grey clouds lurking above.

Later, I took Isabella and one ball but found another so she dashed about until she could hardly move. We went back to release the others then feed them all followed by myself. It was becoming sunnier so I was able to relax in the warmth and the battery could recharge. I ate breakfast then got involved with washing machines and the like. The French lady, Catherine was washing her complete wardrobe and bedding too. I delivered her wash to her and fooled with her dog Timo. He’s almost as soppy as Skinny so it must be something to do with the Cretan Hound brand. She asked me about accommodation for her friend who arrived shortly after and is now in Z6 for a few nights. She returns to France this weekend.

There was little work on the camping other than collection of a few sun loungers to cart off, presumably for repair. I notice the plumbers have connected the water to both of the new vans and are in the process of installing the power. They split the power to the new van/T1 which is going to involve putting meters inside the vans rather than on the pole where they get better WiFi reception.

The postman arrived with a brace of letters for the camping and a package for Anke. I scanned and sent the letters to Georgia and Maria leaving the originals in the file in the orifice.

I was contemplating cycling to Paleochora for some supplies but the wind was very strong and blowing the rain over the mountains. Instead, I amused myself with a tutorial on SQL which is a database program. I plan to learn how to create databases which should provide a little cerebral stimulation.

There were two support enquiries but nothing demanding. I fiddled around with a few little jobs but the day was a little unexciting other than the washing machine trips of course.

The afternoon turned cooler when the sun went over so we went inside to prepare food before going for another walk where we were alone on the cold wind, fine rain and sunshine. Tomorrow might be a little wet as may Wednesday. Hopefully, from there on it warms up and the weather can manage to stabilise for a little while.

Another day of Crazy Weather. At least tomorrow should be less windy which will be a great relief

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