Nocturnal Departure

The Rug was outside with Obi when I went to bed but nowhere to be seen in the morning. The field gate was left open after the Evening Stroll mainly because it was raining and I couldn’t be bothered to wait until the dogs came in. The gate to the SDC was open so there was nothing to prevent an easy exit from within. Only Obi remained in the morning. The dogs may have gone out into the field whilst I was putting on the collars but they generally wait for me before dashing off.

It was good to be out early, not to be blown off my feet, soaked or frozen. The walk went well so we were back in the van at 06:45 whereupon I made tea, fed cats and adjusted my brain. I had a wash to put on at 08:30 so Isabella was obliged to wait until that was done. We took her and two balls out. One of the balls was on its last legs but had miraculously transformed into a much newer and more together ball by the time we reached the car park. One of the previously lost but now found variety. She raced around and became so overheated she disappeared into the sea twice to cool off. It was much more pleasant out this morning than of late. Hopefully, this should see the end of the winter weather.

There were another three washes as customers made the most of the fine day which graced us with greater warmth, sunshine and some gusty wind. There was a new arrival now in Z5. A German on a BMW motorcycle with sidecar. He’s travelling as he became restless and needed a change. He moves with the sun and goes south for the winter.

Other than washing machine, I enjoyed the sunshine and read or continued my database programming course.

The Grammeno Workforce were busy putting down decking outside the new static and the former T1. I suggested to Michaelis that he stagger the boards so as not to have have them all butting along one joist. I should have saved my breath. Some of the measuring and cutting is interesting too although I’m sure it’s the fault of the wood.

A branch fell off one of the trees so was surgically removed by Tony who was also busy with his strimmer unless coopted to assist with other work.

Everyone seemed delighted to see the sun without rain and freezing wind. Plenty of clothing adorns the camping including around the Swiss couple who arrived yesterday.

Studying the webcam I can see a couple on The Big Beach who will soon be joined by a load of dogs if they’ve not gone soon. The Promontory looks much more attractive when surrounded by blue sea and blue sky. The two ships sheltering for the past few days have left. One was weighing anchor as we walked this morning.


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