Independence Day Holiday

There was no wind in the night and still none in the morning. I even considered going out without a coat but was pleased that I didn’t. My gloves remained in my pocket but my hands didn’t for much of the time. The moon was bright and so were the stars as the sky was clear and mostly cloudless. A fine morning for an early walk.

There were no surprises as we approached the river to find it still speeding towards the sea pushing the waves away from the shore. Isabella and Skinny splashed their way through and bounded into the distance towards the Plakaki rocks. They planned to go there even if everyone else didn’t.

It was getting light as we walked back towards the Promontory where I distributed biscuits once more and the dogs followed me across the Big Beach. By the time we’d crossed the rocks, it was properly light and only just after six. On Sunday, six will become seven so I’ll need to get up a little earlier. So long as it’s not cloudy it gets light fairly quickly.

We were back soon after so I made tea, fed cats and contemplated a while before taking Isabella and her ball out. By this time it was much warmer making the experience much more pleasant. The wind had got up a little and changed to the southwest so I needed to take care when throwing her ball to make use of the help.

The sky was almost completely blue and the sun was shining so the dogs were soon out on the decking enjoying the day. I didn’t feel it was that warm so contented myself by staying inside.

There was little work around the camping other than Tony clearing around the new van which he tells me Georgia will be occupying for a while. The decking is now complete with lovely butted boards but plenty of screws. Tony thinks the screws will break off when the wood moves. He might not be wrong.

I went for a wander around the camping then indulged in a shower as there is now plenty of hot water due to the sunny weather. The PV fully charged the battery before midday but I didn’t use much heating the evening before.

Michael Winkler tells me he will be leaving for a few days tomorrow. I think he plans to take up the special offer of thirty nights for 300€, one of my deals to keep people in the camping.

I can see a motorhome parked in the Grammeno Beach car park and it appears the owner is washing off his van by means of a hose attached to the nearby tap. I notice there are dogs being walked on the Promontory so I might wait a few minutes before going out.

We only met a couple enjoying an evening walk and they’d already encountered the dogs in the car park. The motorhome had left.

A sunny and warm day but a little windy at times. More like the expected weather at this time of the year.


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