Royal Visit

Moving towards the hour change tomorrow we were up ten minutes earlier so there is only five minutes difference to the upcoming change for tomorrow.

The morning was mild and clear with moonlight and a good array of stars. Nevertheless, we still walked briskly over the rocks and back down to the river where only the bigger dogs crossed over. I walked both directions on the beach today. The sea has kindly flattened the beach near the water and provided a firm base for relatively easy walking.

We were back by 06:25 so I was able to get a lot done before collecting money from the punters and putting on a wash for Sandra and Sonja. Tomas, the German with the bike and sidecar had a chat about bikes. It transpires his bike is Russian, has optional two-wheel drive at the rear for difficult terrain as well as reverse gear which makes life easier when riding a bike weighing in at around 500kg all up. It has a similar engine configuration as a BMW but isn’t. Apparently, he prefers the combination as it’s much easier to handle with a load.

I needed to shop so delayed the DDs until I’d done so. My money collecting took a while so much of the morning had passed by the time I ate my breakfast and festered for a little while. The Winklers have gone to Elafonissi for a few days but will return to finish off their stay in Crete. Sandra and Sonja have been back for 24 days and Marianne looks as though she plans to stay a while longer. I spent time with her and her crazy Cretan Hound whist taking a photo of her, Timo and Beatrice as she left for Iraklion and to return home.

Georgia arrived as I was rather tardily emptied the washing machine. Lena is convinced I don’t feed the cats as she was dealing out trays of meat as soon as she arrived. I scooted off to deliver the washing whilst Georgia went to inspect the works and meet with a contractor. She is staying in T2 which is the designated title for the new static next to T1 as was. This is now T3, T3 -> T4 and T4 -> T5 whilst the static next to the kitchen takes over as T1. Clear as mud and half as interesting?

Sonja, Sandra and Anke went swimming.

Taken from the Flisvos webcam. Sonja, Sandra and Anke swimming

Other bodies were loafing on the beach in the sun and the motorhome from yesterday reappeared and looks as though it’s staying until morning.

I processed the DDs and took the dogs for a lightning sunset walk so it was almost dark when we hit the car park on the return.

Warm and sunny with a high over 20ºC. Very still for a change


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