Hour +1

There was a little lie-in even though there was an hour lost. Our walk was pleasant and without incident. The moon shone, the stars twinkled and it wasn’t dark for too long. Now that the hour has changed, we can start to make more backwards progress, if such a thing exists. Before the change, we were up early because it was becoming lighter but it was rather too early. With the change of hour 04:30 -> 05:30 and we don’t get back from our walk until after seven. We can start working backwards, as the day lengthens, until we’re back to 04:30 getting up time. The aim of the game is to keep in time with the sun but also get everything done in the mornings.

I took Isabella out and we managed to lose the ball she found on the way back yesterday evening. She’s also found the broken ball so we have three although the broken one is hanging on by a thread. I intend to buy more cheap tennis balls as they are a great way to wear her out. I suppose that if we pepper the Promontory with enough balls we’ll always have at least one to hand.

The only work around the camping this morning was Tony strimming the area surrounding and under the Ladies’ van which they parked out of the way after filling up with water from the hose. Michaelis and Nikos later appeared and continued with decking on the new T1 which is progressing well.

I made some banana bread but was called away to attend to new arrivals from Germany. I understand they plan to stay for two weeks all being well.

I joined Sandra and Sonja for some of their vegetable soup which marks the end of their four-day fast. We chatted until an Italian couple with two dogs came into the camping from the beach. They wish to stay for several weeks from mid-April. I passed them to Maria via the website contact form.

Some Greek guy called looking for a room for one year. I sent him to the website and Maria. He’s wasting his time anyway but that’s not for me to say.

I came back to finish the banana bread and bake it. It’s now cooling and resting in the oven on a rack until tomorrow morning when I will cut it up. The end of the colder weather means a reversion to banana bread in the morning.

The dogs have enjoyed the day as it’s been warm and sunny with plenty of distractions to bark at. Mickey and Five nearby, Timo when he barks at cats and Georgia’s other dogs when all else fails. With the visiting Italian dogs and then Laura, it’s been a very exciting day.

My watch tells me sunset is at 19:42 whereupon we’ll go for a quick excursion to the Promontory and back for some food. I find it difficult for several days once the hour changes but at least I’ve changed the analogue clock in the van. Not only does it tell the correct time but the hour is right too!

It’s becoming more spring-like. There are warm pockets of air as we walk the Promontory, insects are appearing and the birdies are singing. There are migrating swallows (gulp) which cause Skinny and Isabella endless excitement when we walk in the mornings. They wear themselves out trying to chase them out to sea. The birds fly parallel with the beach well out over the water. The two dogs chase them along in the surf having huge fun and excitement.

Another warm, sunny day with no wind. The cups on the anemometer are still as write. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little cooler with some cloud.


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