Up even earlier today, well before the alarm as I was putting on my shoes when it went off. The sky was dark and cloudy, there were few stars and the moon won’t be around for a while. The eight dogs scattered before me so I could see only the lights in the darkness. There was no one parked in the beach car park as far as I knew although Oskar barked at something and I never found out what it was.

Walking up the beach towards the river a dead sheep littered the beach just above the water line. It had probably been washed up. The dogs were quite interested so it was amusing to see a selection of different coloured flashing lights from the blackness. They soon caught me up and overtook me arriving at the river well before me. Skinny and Isabella were splashing around in the river or on the other side. I dispensed biscuits and started off down the beach accompanied by Fido who has a very bright flashing collar. Not one of the SportDog variety.

It was getting light as we walked back from the end of the Promontory but I still needed a torch to feed the cats once I’d put the dogs in. All except Charlie who was camped out by the gate into the field. I don’t bother to close the field gate until I come back from walking Isabella. There have been times when it has been left open all day.

I wanted some groceries and knew it would be windy on Thursday and Friday so was about to set off when the Swiss couple phoned to say they wanted to pay. I quickly checked their bill and took the money from them. They passed me later as I rode into Paleochora.

Petrakis was not busy so it was a rapid shop and I was checked out on the till which reads the bar codes. All very hi-tech except I was installing that kind of kit around thirty years ago. The ride back to the camping was unimpeded by wind only the pile of rocks which seems not to have changed in a long time. There are no signs of work or other activity so I have no idea what the plan is.

I fed dogs and had breakfast then enjoyed the morning sunshine and the mild temperature. I might possibly have drifted off… There was a phone call from a nice lady who wanted to know about a long stay during the summer. I referred her to the main website for Maria’s number.

The postman called with a ticket for Anke but she was out so I left it under her coffee pot. Apparently, her son is visiting at present although I’ve yet to meet him. She’s going back to Germany soon to tie up some loose ends and then she will return to Crete for good so she says.

I resurrected the kitchen unit which had collapsed as the straps which kept it taught had disintegrated causing it to fall over chucking everything on the floor. I worked out a way to make it useable with more wire rope and clips. It’s as solid as it will ever be so tomorrow I’ll shovel the useful clutter back into it and put it back into service. It amazing just how much clutter was in it.

As can be seen from the graphs, it was warm and windless. I suspect that will not be the case for the until the weekend as Thursday/Friday morning night looks quite windy


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