Dead Sheep

Only Obi and The Rug slept outside and were soon joined by the masses from within the van. There was little wind but I took my coat which was a good move. I had only a fleece the previous morning on both walks.

The dead sheep is still dead but there is a lot less of it as it’s been nibbled by any carnivore in the vicinity, unsurprisingly. It still caused a distraction so I needed to get the dogs around me before continuing down the Promontory.

The wind started to increase as we walked up towards the river which several of the dogs crossed or paddled in. They were a little spread out as there were still vestiges of the sheep on the beach.

Our second walk around The Promontory was slightly more organised although we had to wait for Oskar and Luis at the highest point. It was getting light as we walked back to the camping and I put the dogs into the van. I made tea, fed cats and improved my mind.

The Rug and Isabella went for a second walk however they didn’t appear as lively as other days although they chased each other and barked for a short while.

I wandered into the camping to check on the punters and ended up having a chat with the Royal Enfield guy who is looking into the possibility of a small, seasonal property on Crete. He’s decided to extend his stay to three nights.

I went back for some breakfast and then got on with printing the customer invoice sheets and the monthly summary. This month is the best so far but mainly because two long-stays left. Some who I thought would leave are remaining so I had to make adjustments. At least Georgia can have her lolly when next she visits.

Michaelis and Nikos did not come in today to work although I have seen Michaelis’ pickup. Tony has been busy overhauling the irrigation network which waters the trees and plants throughout the camping. The waterers become blocked as there is often silt in the irrigation water.

The day has not been very warm and mostly cloudy. I went for a little jog around the Promontory which was enough as my left knee is still not completely repaired. I found Skinny outside the gate so I expect he was lured out to find the remnants of the sheep. I took him to see Timo, his mirror image. They seemed to get on well together and it would be interesting to take them out for a walk on the Promontory. Isabella was very unhappy not to be included so made a huge fuss. Seems she is not so bothered when she’s going out and the others stay behind. Funny that. The Rug spent much of the day inside the van occupying the floor. Difficult for anyone to come in or out with her there. As she is dark and I’m forgetful, I found myself falling over her each time I went in.

It is now quite windy and will remain so all night. Saturday should be calm again. I have just to walk and feed the dogs to bring the day to its conclusion.

Cloudy and windy but not cold. The wind will build during the night
Gavdos is one of the few places which is green! This lurgy is not doing to disappear anytime soon.


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