April Fool?

The van door was open all evening and all night for the first time this year. Only Ruggy was outside so she may have felt more connected with only the gate separating her from the others inside.

The strong wind which was buffeting us through the night continued so the sound of surf on Alonaki Beach was loud and clear. It was not warm enough without a coat due to the vigorous northeasterly wind which was pushing the sea up the beach. I decided to take the road on the outward trip to the river as I didn’t fancy an inadvertent paddle. Sometimes it’s possible that I’m not concentrating or perhaps even in a parallel universe. The sea was shoving the water back up the river so there was a fine contest going on there. Some of the dogs went into the river but most were more interested in biscuits.

The second trip around the Promontory was interesting as now the wind was behind and across the rocks causing the sea to wash up higher and making walking and balancing more interesting. With four-wheel drive the dogs have no problem. In any event, we didn’t hang about on the highest point as I was keen to get back as we’d left a little later than normal.

I had time to play with my brain having fed cats and made tea. I took Rug and Isabella again this time without a coat as it was just as windy but warmer.

I wandered the camping to see the punters and to collect money from the Royal Enfield guy who says he may return to Grammeno after touring the island. The ’Grammeno Effect’ is working well. I learned that Anke is leaving Grammeno at the end of the month as Laura has found a plot for the caravan up on Panorama for 150€/month. There is nothing there however the owner will lay on water and power. The van could have stayed until mid-May but would then have been relegated to who knows where in the camping as space is fast filling up.

I saw that Georgia and Lena were present so was able to give Georgia the money for March. When she saw the month total she asked if it was a joke. I’m sure she has plenty of projects to spend it on. She tells me that she intends changing all the locks and rationalising the keys. This is not the first time this has been threatened. Later, she came to discuss the high price of electricity and what could be done to mitigate its use. I still maintain charging separately for electricity is the way ahead. She was talking about installing card-operated switches to control the power, as used in hotels. There the card is used to open the door whereas here there is a physical key. I suspect the card would be left in the switch all of the time. These systems are also quite expensive.

I reordered the new monitor I ordered at the beginning of December having received an email from Plaisio canceling it. They refunded the money today. It’s a pity they kept me waiting all this time however I’ve used a different company who appear more efficient. This is a very clever screen which is much bigger. Helpful when the text seems to be getting much smaller.

I made Doggy Dinners and banana bread despite not having very ripe bananas. The later walk was warm but still windy and I didn’t even have on a hat! There are protests so I should feed them.

Summary for March 2022
Windy but not cold and some were in the sea! Tomorrow should be calmer and temperatures in excess of 20ºC are threatened for next week!

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