Hottest Day of the Year

The alarm was five minutes earlier today but I was already awake anyway. We managed to get out of the gate just after 05:30 and were soon on the way across the Promontory and over the rocks. I fell over a branch washed up on the shore as we walked towards the river which still flows mightily to the sea. It’s not rained recently so I’m hopeful we might get across to Plakaki before long. Only Skinny disappeared off into the distance but caught us up before long. Only he and Charlie were lagging behind and I suspect Charlie was on an important mission involving his favourite subject, food.

It was just getting light as we recrossed the rocks in the reverse direction so we were back at the camping by around seven. All except Charlie who was detained elsewhere to my annoyance. He eventually joined us which was greatly appreciated.

I did a mental workout and then set off on my bike. I’d not realised how low my battery was so I brought the battery I’d not charged as it had something left in it and reckoned that between them, there would be enough. I’d decided not to go to the top but found myself going there anyway. I didn’t stop as Sandra had arranged a washing machine for 09:00.

I waited for her to find a message saying she couldn’t made it which reminded me I should have checked my messages. I went back to feed the dogs in stead.

There were no less than three arrivals and four washing machines to fill up my day. As well as to replace the Workshop WiFi AP which had become waterlogged having fallen off its perch. There was plenty of wandering around the camping to keep me busy.

The thatchers have completed the T2/3 combined roof and are working on the one over the new cabins. Tony is still up to something and it’s already 19:20.

The Instant Pot has had a bit of an event as it wouldn’t hold pressure for some reason so I’ve had to depressurise it and start again.

Tomorrow, I need to go shopping, make banana bread and Doggy Dinners so it’s going to be busy if there are more arrivals and washing machines. Admittedly, one of the arrivals required no work as it was the Winklers returning. The last was a couple of Canadians in a sizeable motorhome. They have an overwhelming desire to visit Viena Beach but I advised them it was off-road and would require another vehicle. They have gone to Paleochora in search of a suitable means of travel and some food. They say they plan to stay two nights.

Otherwise, the day has been completely restful in between times and I’ve done nothing.

It was reasonably warm early as I was in light shorts, a t-shirt with a light and heavy fleece. During the day it’s been shorts and t-shirt only until early evening.

A fine day and the hottest of 2022 (so far)


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