I needed to get going as I had two lots of washing to put in by nine so I jumped out of bed and organised the dogs. So brisk was the walk we were back by 06:45 which was great as I needed to prepare banana bread and Doggy Dinners for later.

I went to put in the first lot of washing for Anke who wanted it washed at 95ºC which I knew would take a long time so I told Sandra her 09:00 wash would go in at 09:30. I went out on my bike and did some shopping. I went over Panorama and up the mountain which was very windy then stopped at Petrakis for stores as the cupboard was bare.

I took out the first machine and put in the second which was followed by the third for Michael. I eventually got to have breakfast having filled up Isabella’s food containers and fed the others.

The Canadians were still in the camping but arranged to rent some scooters from Notos in Paleochora. I chatted to them about possible places of interested. The Swiss couple who arrived yesterday left but were replaced by a Spanish woman with a tent who will stay one night.

Sascha arrived so we adjourned to the common room for a chat and catch-up regarding Martin who was buried yesterday in the grave he dug for his friend Andy. More information surrounding the cause of the crash would indicate the couple had recently visited a cafe where the server described their departure as ’spirited’. Martin was returning from Chania where he’d been organising paperwork for his car and motorbike so had finally got everything sorted out after a number of separate visits to the office. Greece still has plenty of bureaucracy with bureaucrats who need to eat. Why deal with something in one visit when it can be done in four? It would appear they stopped to celebrate and that this incident occurred at a location which is notoriously dangerous where large vehicles are concerned.

I understand the driver is going for surgery tomorrow however he has serious head injuries, has been in a coma since the incident and was a long time awaiting treatment due to the distance to the hospital. Sascha seems to think it’s unlikely he will be the same again or even if he will survive the operation or being brought out of the coma.

In any event, Sascha has dealt with most of Martin’s affairs and has advised his son, James who is only quite a young man with very little support from any other family members.

By the time Sascha left, the afternoon was getting on and the banana bread remained still unmade and the DDs still in need of processing. A call from the gate announced the arrival of a replacement Swiss couple with two young children. They are now in front of the restaurant kitchen. I was not long back when Maria called to give me a load of information about arrivals which would have been much better in an email. Some are coming next weekend so I will have forgotten by then. A further interruption from a German couple who wanted information for a possible family trip in the autumn or a winter visit in their motorhome.

I was told by the Winklers they would leave Crete on Monday via the ferry from Chania. Sandra says that she and Sonja will definitely and definitively leave on Monday to spend time at, wait for it, Elafonissi before leaving the island.

The food eventually made it into the pot and the dogs have been fed. I have just to wait until mine has finished.

Only 0.1ºC cooler than yesterday’s high although today has been less sunny and windier giving the impression of a colder day.

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